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Find the Right Summer Ralph Perfume

Updated on February 20, 2012

Looking for the right summer perfume? Look no further. Within Ralph Lauren’s range of Ralph perfume for women there are a variety of choices. Sadly, however, when choosing your perfect summer perfume, the names won't help you out. Ralph Wild, as you’ll find out in this hub, is not so wild. In fact, it’s totally girly and sweet scent--like something from your childhood. Also Ralph Rocks, though advertised as a perfume with a touch of hipster rebeliion, is more of a mainstream lovable scent. Read this Hub to find out exactly what these youthful, spunky and feminine scents smell like. Get your summer scent just right!

Which Ralph Is For You?

After reviewing your summer needs, which Ralph perfume would best fit your style? Do you need something to keep you going at work and help you look forward to your scheduled tropical vacation? Do you need something to help you unwind from all the exciting summer fun? Do you need something to finish your perfect outfit for your friend's perfect summer wedding? Once you've identified your summer needs or summer occasions, you will be able to select which perfume is perfect to help you achieve that summer feel!

1. Ralph by Ralph Lauren: Perfect for any formal occasion

Ralph by Ralph Lauren is the original perfume in the Ralph series. Ralph is a mix of florals with a touch of green apple. The flowers are soft, full, billowy and peach. If you love the scent of magnolia, linden or osmanthus, you're in for a treat with Ralph. All those clean white florals are featured in this scent. This perfume is a pretty classic floral that is perfect for any summer formal occasion. Hello summer weddings! Because of the softness, however, this scent is perfect for just about any day that you want to smell sweet and smoothly feminine. Think sunny garden parties or a day of shopping with the girls!

2. Ralph Rocks: Zest up your summer fun

Ralph Rocks is the cute orange-colored Ralph perfume. The creamy orange packaging is right on the money, because Ralph Rocks smell like an orange tropical fantasy. The exotic creamy scent begins with a zest of citrus. The bright, invigorating scent is perfect for those who want a little a perky pick-me-up on those hot summer days. The essence of sun-bleached coconut and sweetly honeyed flowers quickly follows the perky citrus opening. Ralph Rocks is filled with orange blossomes, freesia, passion fruit and kiwi. This scent is sure to whisky urban-dweller out of any city and straight onto a tropical beach! If you love classic tropical scent, Ralph Rocks is an intoxicating summer scent full of life and spunk.

3. Ralph Hot: Add some sass to a sultry summer evening

Ralph Hot is a spiced deep scent, but think sweet and sexy! Ralph Hot is the perfect scent for a summer night out or a weekend date. It begins with a fun effusion of cinnamon rolls and freshly baked vanilla cake. The delicious bakery smells of mocha, cinnamon, and sugar soon fades into more common perfume notes. The sweetness slowly fades into a deep mixture of milk, honey and jasmine. Finally ovelay that floral gourmet delight over a sexy accord of amber and sandalwood. Ralph Hot turns powdery and dark, but manages to retain a flirty, girly edge.Grab those heels, that perfect summer dress, and don't forget a spritz of Ralph Hot!

4. Ralph Wild: Enjoy innocent playtime

Ralph Wild is smells like a collection of all the strawberry candies in the world. This fragrance is an olfactory reminder of something tasty, fresh and pink from your youth. The fresh fruity sweetness begins like table laid out with strawberry jam, strawberry soda and watermelon Jelly Bellies. While this scent opens with pink fruit, it slowly turns into a sexy feminine perfume. A touch of amber, jasmine, and musk unfold in the dry-down. All in all, it's definitely a scent that brings you back to your playdays. So in honor of the misspent summer days of your youth, take to the parks and have a tea party or a picnic with Ralph Wild.

5. Ralph Cool: Kick back and relax

Ralph Cool stands apart from the other Ralph perfume. This fragrance is a cooling melon fragrance. The perfume features a distinctly watery cucumber lightness. But don't be afraid of the vague aquatic nature, there are fruit and flowers on the way. Kiwi, nectarine and honeysuckle round out the scent. The effecgt is fresh, light and ambiguous. Ralph Cool is the perfect scent for those who want a break from all those vibrant summer days of play. Imagine simply sitting to enjoy your summer on a calming lawn or beach. Add a tall glass of ice tea and a silent breeze, and you have the Ralph Cool effect.

Have You Tried Ralph Perfumes?

After reading this did you sample a Ralph perfume or two? Or before reading this, have you had the chance to sniff around for your favorite Ralph perfume? Tell me what you think of the Ralph by Ralph Lauren perfume series. Tell me if you're currently hunting for that perfect summer scent, or if you've already found it! Share what you think about the Ralph perfumes in comparison to the character of their names and their marketing campaigns. Those ads can be quite tricky. Let me know if this hub helped you decipher the fragrant message of Ralph perfumes! Also if you're looking to find some Ralph perfumes at discount perfume prices, be sure to check around online.

Your Favorite Ralph Perfumes

Which Ralph Is Your Top Perfume?

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