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Fine Ladies Frilly Blouses

Updated on January 26, 2011

There's nothing like a good frilly blouse to lift your spirits, that's what I always say. Frills are feminine. Frills are fun. Frills can even be functional, if your often features some sort of common occurrence in which extra fabric is useful. Perhaps you're a paramedic, or a freelance serviette.

Frills also have the additional advantage of never going out of style. They're pretty much always in fashion, and they can be incredibly flattering when worn in a way that draws the eye to one's womanly charms, or when they're being used to distract from less visually appealing parts of the body, as arbitrarily decided by the current social climate.


Max Studio claims that the shirring on this frilly blouse is inspired by tuxedo styling. I'm inclined to believe that is inspired by the toiling of a million years of noble peasantry. After all, where else in fashion would one find such stunning shirring? Certainly I've never seen a tuxedo nearly this fine, nearly this puffy, nearly this dramatic in execution.


Available from Max Studio

Juicy Frilled Silk Satin Top

Floral motifs plus frills = femininity in spades. Or maybe dump trucks. Now admittedly, Juicy is usually associated with plump young lasses wearing clothing with words scrawled across the rear end, but that doesn't mean they don't occasionally create something that won't make you look like a horrible, horrible person.

The silk satin fabric makes for a delightful sensation against the skin and the loose fit makes for a rather classy style of top that will look good anywhere you wear it.


Available from Net A Porter


You never knew you'd be able to obtain such wild frills about your neck without purchasing some Regency wear, did you? French Connection recommends that one wear this blouse tucked into a high waisted skirt, and if one is going for a refined ice maiden librarian look, then one should follow that advice immediately.

One should also be sure to wear a nice slip underneath this top as it is described as 'demi-sheer', which means its just sheer enough to destroy your reputation at the office, but not quite sheer enough to help you land a new job.


Available from French Connection

Front Yoke Blouse

Teeny tiny cuffs make the sleeves puff and the neat pleated frills down the top of the blouse make for a thoroughly regimented shirt experience. Tiny purple buttons add to the general atmosphere of austerity, making this a classic blouse for wear during economic downturns or minor fluctuations on the stock market. It is both ladylike and refined.


Available from The Limited


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