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FitFlop Sandals Thigh Firming Fact File

Updated on May 25, 2012

They are the "Must Have" summer footwear that not only look fantastic but build a better body and keep the feet in perfect health. Another summer sandal sensation is predicted for 2011 with the arrival of the new FitFlop Spring / Summer collection.

Fitflops sandals are a marvel of modern design which has had praise flooding in since their arrival on the scene in May 2007. As the Fitflop approaches its third birthday, worldwide sales have increased to over 4 million pairs. That is over 3600 pairs per day and a whole lotta shoes.

The praise comes from on high with a holy trinity of endorsements. Newsweek voted them "must-have item of the summer" in 2007, The Independent newspaper hailed them as "miraculous", and Oprah Winfrey wears them.

If Oprah is not reason enough to rush out and buy a pair they also have been accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, and have been independently tested by the University of Salford in the UK which conformed the muscle activating properties.

FitFlop has customers flooding them with emails and letters of gratitude for the pain relief that FitFlop sandals have helped bring about. Not just foot pain sufferers but those affected by severe knee and back pain, joint problems, osteoarthritis pain, bunion pain and plantar fasciitis symptoms.

They correct the posture and spread the body weight more evenly to ensure that the joints, ball, and heel of the foot do not get overloaded. They change the position of the hips, allowing weight to be better redistributed and ease the load taken by the lower back. Full bio mechanically engineered footbeds give perfect support to the arches of the feet provide a smooth and efficient transition from heel to toe.

If that was not enough they will tone your bum up to 30% more, your thighs a further 16% and give your calves 11% more sculpting. One things for sure, they will increase your style by 100%.

So how do they work?

Its all about getting jiggy with it and wobbling your way to wonderful firmness. The soles contain Microwobbleboard ™ Technology which combines both the talent of Rolf Harris and the wobbliness of a wobble board. The result is a trendy sandal which can correct all of your ambulatory ills, and they remain some of the most comfortable, and best toning shoes on the market.

How the Micro Wobble Board Works its Magic

Micro Wobbleboarding
Micro Wobbleboarding

The Benefits of Barefoot Walking

Barefoot Walking

FitFloprecreates barefoot walking and the benefits to the body. Walking barefoot is much healthier and stimulates and works more muscle groups in the lower body.The pattern of walking changes and the weight is better supported. Fortunately the Prof. in the opposite video explains how barefoot running really benefits the body far better than I could.

Zola Budd was a visionary it would seem.

So what can FitFlops do to help me?

FitFlop has been inundated with praise for the shoes, and the internet is awash with 5-star reviews for the help they offer sufferers of a number of all too common and painful bone and muscle issues. They have been reported to offer help with the following conditions to name but a few:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Ankle and knee pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Toe pain
  • Restless leg syndrome (RSL)
  • Post bunion surgery patients
  • Degenerative disc disease

They also help to create a better looking and healthier body, and all without any extra effort. Cant be bad.

FitFlops - Increased foot health with every step
FitFlops - Increased foot health with every step

FitFlop Spring Summer Collection from

The Spring Summer 2010 Collection

The Fitflops women’s walkstar classic thong sandal gets an early facelift to keep everything taught and tight for 2010, and also has a new colour scheme. The ultra slim leather thong is soft and supple and the fabric straps are light and comfortable on the top of the feet

The Fitflops women’s Walkstar III thong sandal takes styling a little further and adds some glitz with patent leather finishes, satin, matt and gloss and sparkling new colours this year. This is the most popular style which looks great no matter what the time of day.

The women’s Electra thong sandal proved to be the big summer hit last year, with the model selling out fast. Stocks have been replenished but don't expect these sequinned flashy sandals to hang around this year. Secure a pair before the big summer rush! This year you can choose from black, pewter, bronze, silver, or gold depending on the level of flashiness your mood dictates.

Of course little girls should not have to miss out, and the women's oasis thong sandal has two colours for the young ones. Sky blue and violet colours will make them want to be worn, whilst helping create the perfect posture. The men need not feel too left out, as the Men's Dass model arrives in chocolate. Health and style has never been easier to find.

The FitFlop Mukkuk
The FitFlop Mukkuk

FitFlop Autumn Winter 2010 Collection

FitFlop sandals are great fun for the summer, however when the temperatures start to drop, they can leave the toes a little exposed to the cold. Fortunately FitFlop have been hard at work, and have redesigned the Microwobbleboard to fit into boots, sandals and trainers.

The FitFlop 2010 autumn winter collection features the same highly popular models from last winter, with new styles added to the FitFlop Mukluk range, one of the most popular autumn boots last year thanks to its cute style and amazing comfort.

The FitFlop Inuk sees new colours and improvements on design, taking comfort and warmth to the maximum with Shearling sheepskin double faced linings for an ultra snug fit. The stylish suede finish boots look nothing like toning shoes, yet they will tone your legs, improve the posture and keep you in comfort just like the FitFlop summer sandals.

For the coldest of weather conditions and the ultimate in coolness, there is the FitFlop Snugger. The Snugger is a funky snow boot designed to make you stand out from the crowd and have fun when the temperatures drop below zero and the snow starts to settle.

For warm sunny days and walking in comfort, FitFlop clogs are a great choice. The 2010 collection features many new styles of the FitFlop Gogh, featuring faux fur lined designs and Dutch clog inspired design. Comfortable, warm, and supportive they are great for everyday walking and come in slipper versions for around the house..

Get FitFlop to Fit First Time

For UK and Irish Customers

I recommend Cloggs. Not only do they have great customer service, they have also been voted Drapers Online store of the year. You can get a great selection, and all the best styles on the following link: CLOGGS


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    • Birdmaru profile image

      Birdmaru 7 years ago from Thailand

      I have tried FItFlop sandal. It really works so far I love it.

    • lauralolita profile image

      lauralolita 7 years ago from Florida

      I always wondered if these really worked! Great info, Thanks!

      ~ Laura