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Fix It With Laser

Updated on June 11, 2013

Healthy Skin Sometimes Needs Some Help

Lasers are a Great Idea for People Experiencing Skin Problems

It’s amazing how the cosmetic industry has jumped from being a rare and extremely expensive surgery related procedure to something that anyone can easily fit into their schedule with very little disruption to their routine.

Other cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections and dermal fillers are becoming very common place with ladies as well as men. Baby boomers have changed the face of aging with a healthier lifestyle. They yearn to have their bodies reflect how young they feel instead of their actual age in years. Skin health care offices and laser clinics have become very common place now.

These health care facilities are a one stop shopping place for laser cosmetic procedures, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and various other procedures.

All types of adverse skin conditions react favorably to laser treatment. At one time the type of skin that worked best with laser was more limited. Technology advancements have blasted away at that obstacle. Darker skinned people can now find success with laser skin treatment although to reach the point of success may take longer than with a person with lighter skin.

Laser treatments commonly include spider vein removal, mole and freckle removal, age spot removal, acne removal, acne scar removal, scar removal, laser wrinkle removal, and stretch mark removal.

Previously many of these skin conditions were near impossible to treat without major surgical procedures. Now laser treatment is done in office with little pain or discomfort to the patient. Then the good news continues. Recovering from laser treatment is much easier than the time and effort needed to recover from traditional cosmetic surgery. Healing time is quicker.

A Great Demonstration of Before and After

Acne and Laser Work Well Together for Healthier Skin

One of the most brutal skin problems a person can experience is severe acne. If you’re lucky the worst of it is on your chest or back but, unfortunately, the most common area when you have this condition is the face. Walking around with a face of inflamed blemishes is difficult for an adult going though it but it is much more likely to be experienced by a teen. When a teenager’s hormones are going haywire, their skin goes crazy producing an over abundance of pore clogging oils.

A dermatologist will try various regimen to treat the acne. Often times it’s topical as well as oral medications. If these fail to do the job then acne laser skin treatment is usually the next option. I’m not sure why this is how the sequence usually goes. It may be due to financial reasons. Prescriptions may be more affordable depending on how much is covered by health insurance. For people who don’t have insurance, a prescription is worth trying before seeking out laser treatments.

Acne laser treatment by a skilled technician can work wonders on blemishes as well as eradicating acne scarring. It can tackle just about any skin related issue you can come up with.

Another benefit is the natural effect laser has to decrease the secretion of sebum oil which will mean weakened and less frequent occurrences of acne break outs. Healthier skin will be exposed and will likely dominate the unhealthy oily skin.

Watch How Easily Spider Veins are Removed

Getting Rid of Spider Veins is Very Easy with Laser

This is one of those things that are hard to escape. When we get older we tend to develop spider veins. The most likely locations are the legs and face.

Spider veins were once thought to be something we just had to live with. Another visual testament to our aging bodies. Sometimes it’s a problem for people of younger years. Your job and physical activity can cause the development of spider veins in the legs. Too much sitting and too much standing can encourage spider veins. Men and women alike are plagued with spider veins. They are small colorful blood vessels often looking like small streaks of lightening on your skin.

Laser treatment for spider veins has a good track record for this condition. It is able to focus the energy on a minute line that is characteristic of spider veins.

The laser beam seals off the veins which cause them to break up. The laser is basically heating up the veins. Multiple treatments are usually required but each case needs to be evaluated on an individual basis. The size of the area impacts the time required and the price.

Spider veins don’t usually cause us discomfort or pain. The desire to remove them is strictly cosmetic. So insurance is out of the question and laser spider vein removal will be entirely out of pocket.

The discomfort level is low when using laser treatment. The sensation is described as a slight tingling. We’re all different and if the pain really bothers you, there are topical applications that can be put on the skin prior to starting.

Best Stretch Mark Removal - Laser

Best Stretch Mark Removal

One of the few cosmetic imperfections almost everyone has experienced in one form or another is stretch marks. Stretch marks appear after a sudden increase in body mass. Usually this is because of a weight gain, weight loss, or a pregnancy.

Stretch marks come in a large range of degrees. There are small minor stretch marks that are very common. They are light in color and resemble lightening. This is the type that is typically seen in the breast and upper arms area. Sometimes muscle builders run into this problem also. These minor stretch marks are easy to ignore and fade to almost be unnoticeable after a few years.

Then there are the more serious versions of stretch marks. This type of stretch mark fades as all types of scarring fades but severe stretch marks are too traumatic to the skin to have them disappear on their own.

Prior to using stretch mark removal via laser treatment, only major surgery was available for removing these scars. Lasers have many advantages to the client and are likely to give you results that you’ll be happy with.

Lasers can treat minor and major versions of stretch marks. It’s unlikely that the more severe types will be removed 100% but the overall opinion of people that have taken the plunge is all positive. Cosmetic clients are happy with their results and they feel the improvement is substantial with just minor evidence of the scarring remaining.


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