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Flare Tights For Men and Women

Updated on March 18, 2010
From Sugoi
From Sugoi

What are flare tights? They're garments that exist in the borderlands between tights and pants. Like tights, they conform to the hips, and thighs with ultra precision, but unlike tights, they flare out at the knee, creating the illusion of pants. They tend to be made of Lycra or microfiber rather than nylon, making them thicker and entirely opaque. Flare tights are most often used for the purposes of exercise.

Why? Because flare tights provide skin tight, smooth clothing that moves with the body rather than restricting it. Other forms of workout gear that allow unrestricted movement are baggy and loose, making it impossible to tell where the person ends. Flare tights leave onlookers in absolutely no doubt as to the precise shape of the wearer's body, so if you happen to be particularly proud of the body you have sculpted, wearing flare tights is an admirable way of saying 'yes, yes this is my body, is it not splendid?'

Interestingly enough, whilst men's running tights are available, flared tights seem to be restricted to women's styles only. Why men are being denied simple fashion options like flared tights is beyond this writer, after all, if you're prepared to run about in public wearing little other than skin tight Lycra, where's the harm in having it flare out a little below the knee?

Perhaps makers of flare tights are also lovers of male calf musculature and do not approve of any fashion that could make male runners and exercise fanatics look less muscular in their tights. Or perhaps it is part of the larger movement that promotes choice in style for women and restricts choice for men. Perhaps manufacturers of running tights are trying to shape some form of conformist male army of runners. Perhaps not.

Fortunately, as with all garments, they are just as easily purchased by men as they are women. A little bit 70's disco fever, a little bit Jane Fonda exercise video, a little bit action man, a little bit 'Barbie girl in a plastic world', flare tights are an interesting addition to the wardrobe of any fellow or lady wishing to add more skin tight variety to their wardrobe. Not only are they stylish, but they may also provide incentive to work out, and in this modern world of computer technology and tiny robots doing everything for us, every incentive to work out should be seized with both hands and bench pressed.


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    • profile image

      KCM80 7 years ago from Virginia Beach, VA

      You know I love flared tights. I have a bunch of the cotton/spandex ones and a few of the nylon/spandex. When I go to the gym I wear bella yoga pants. I find these to be the best fitting out of all of them. Check them out:

      I usually wear them to yoga and pilates.

      Thank you so much for the post Hope.

    • profile image

      Run Geek 7 years ago

      Hope, these kind of tights are really nice, I have a few pair that typically use for running in cooler weather, but are also great for lounging around and running errands.

      I was lucky to find that Reebok had some in women's tall length, love the tight fit above and the loose fit below.

      I've long ago stopped caring what others think of my style. I'm not one to rock flowers, but outside of that, anything goes as long as I like it and it feels comfortable to me.

    • profile image

      Cantsay 7 years ago

      Have you looked at the Sugoi tights? They look glossy, not really what you would think tights look like?

      And I found these, they look nice. I'll report back once I get some :)

      Thanks for the post Hope, saw someone wearing what looked like flare tights today and she looked great, amazing figure to go with it!