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Flawless Foundation

Updated on March 30, 2017

Flawless, and Organic too!

It's unbelievable, the wonders this foundation can do for your skin. It's a perfect blend that comes in 5 shades; pick the one that is right for your skin.

The ingredients are all natural and free of chemicals, thus, making it environmentally friendly as well as feeding your skin with nutrients, leaving you looking absolutely fabulous.

Regular foundation is flawed greatly; filled with chemicals and unnatural substances; these products can sometimes be a leading cause of acne. But this isn't to say that chemically blended foundation is bad, however, it most assuredly is NOT ALWAYS HEALTHY!

If you are like me in the sense that I believe chemicals can sometimes be harmful, that for the protection of our environment, and for the protection of our skin, we need better alternatives to this highly flawed concept of using chemicals, then definitely go have a look at this wonder-worker of a foundation.

The details of this product can be summarized in:

  • All Natural
  • 90% Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Natural Sun Protection
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made in the USA

All five shades include:

Bisque - Fair to Light Skin with Cool Undertone
Nude - Light to Medium Skin with Cool Undertone
Cork - Light to Medium Skin with Warm Undertone
Almond - Medium Skin with Warm Undertone
Sandalwood - Medium to Tan Skin with Warm Undertone
Caramel - Tan Skin with Warm Undertone
Chestnut - Deep Skin with Warm Undertone

In terms of being all-natural, and animal cruelty free, I fully support the production of this product. And I hope that in the future more all-natural products can be developed to combat the problems that plague our world.

Flawless Foundation is proof that we can continue to use the same beauty concepts and still be healthy, and natural. This product is the key to the future, and should be a rolemodel to all new beauty products out there. And whilst providing you with such amazing skin care, it also leaves you looking fabulous and absolutely flawless.

I happily rate this product 5 stars for all it's good qualities in hopes that more people will consider using Flawless Foundation instead of their old regular foundations.

5 stars for Flawless Foundation

View Flawless Foundation on Love For Humanity Organics


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