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Fogless Mirrors – Advantages and How to Buy?

Updated on July 3, 2016

Have you ever noticed the fog in the mirror after taking your shower? Indeed! this is the scenario of most of the shower mirrors after every shower. This is because of the moisture in the washroom that effects the mirror tool. Hence, considering a mirror with a fogless technology incorporated in it will not turn it foggy and will provides the user with a clear reflection.

What is a Fogless Technology?

These kind of mirrors are usually available with a heating pad that is hidden at the back of the mirror. The heating pad heats up the mirror by restricting the water from getting condensed on the bathroom's surface. It is an amazing technology that offers a better shaving experience.

Shower mirrors are luxury for some, while a necessity for some – but it is definitely one of the MUST HAVE accessories in your toilet. While having a shower, its a common instance that your surroundings get foggy with the water vapour and mist, so does the mirror and shaving just after the shower gets a cumbersome task. You either need to keep the door open to let out the heat and get a clear mirror or keep wiping it to get a clear reflection; both of these mean wastage of time and that too during morning hours when you are always in a hurry. The advents of fogless shower mirror have brought about a great solution to this problem. Let us see how?

Benefits of using a Fogless Mirror -

  1. This kind of shaving mirror keeps the environment of the bathroom favourable for you. Especially if you are a frequent mirror visitor or have the habit of shaving just after shower.
  2. While using such a mirror, the blood circulation in the skin increases due to the heat of the water vapour making the shaving process easier. The skin gets easily hydrated and thereby you automatically remove the dead skin cells while shaving. More or less a cosmetic beauty treatment simultaneously!
  3. Many models of fog free shower mirror have a handy clock adjusted on it so that you know the exact time and never are late for work.
  4. Your bathroom chores get over faster with such mirrors installed as you won’t have to wait for the condensation to go away on this on or keep wiping it continuously. You can do the grooming much faster than before.
  5. The chances of catching cold and getting sick lessen as you don’t have to open the bathroom door in order to let out the vapour and clear out the glass. Thus goosebumps would stay away!

Tips to buy the right kind of fogless shower mirrors for shaving:

Before buying these mirrors, you must keep certain points in mind to get a wise deal. Let's expand to get a complete detail on the things that may influence your buying decision.

  • The mirror should have enough width so that you get the desired reflection of the entire surface area that is needed. Or else you will need to adjust and move the mirror constantly to see the area out of focus and yet needs to be shaved. This can lead to difficulties and the chances of cuts. Your attention would also be diverted each time.

  • Buy a fogless shaving mirror that has commendable reflective output. The mirror quality should be good and if you buy dull reflective surface, the purpose of the mirror itself would not be served.

  • Some fogless mirrors are nowadays available with adjustable magnification. These let you zoom into the problem area so that the images come very clear and closer and your shaving experience will just be hassle-free. Cutting ingrown hair needs extreme clarity of image to avoid bleeding and this can only be possible with these kinds of fogless mirrors.

  • For long lasting purposes, buy mirrors of fogless attribute that also has the label - break resistance. Many models have the suction cups or mirror hangers that keep the position of the mirror intact but they can also fail after 2-3 years of usage. It is better to buy shatter resistant mirrors with warranty period.

  • If you are buying a lighted fogless mirrors, they will be battery operated, make sure you buy the ones that are water-resistant at the battery case to avoid corrosion.


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