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Foot Care for Flip Flop Season

Updated on May 19, 2018
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Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

Pamper Your Feet

Let me start off by saying I do not have a foot fetish, but I do adore my feet. They are my favorite asset.

We all have a feature on our body that we appreciate more than others so why not spread the news. Maybe you never thought about your favorite asset, but I bet you will now.

Our feet do so much for us but we still tend to neglect them by not devoting enough time and attention to them.

With flip flop season coming up it's time to show them the respect they have earned. Think about how life would be if we didn't have our feet, not a nice thought is it?

My first pedicure. It was a nice treat.
My first pedicure. It was a nice treat. | Source

Your Feet Will Appreciate The Love

A pedicure is a nice treat. Imagine how delighted you will feel each time you look at your feet. Choose the appropriate color for your taste and you might even decide to paint the town red.

Whether you decide to perform your own pedicure or have one professionally done is your decision.

I have always pampered my own feet. I have always been a fan of Avon Foot Care Cosmetics Products. I prepare the foot soak as instructed and immerse my feet for about 15 minutes.

During this time I experience a soothing sensation which upon further investigation I have learned is called, relaxing. I always found the feeling eerie but I have become accustomed to it and I have welcomed it into my life.

Once my feet are soaked I use a pumice stone to slough off the dead skin. It's always satisfying to see that yucky stuff removed. I proceed to file, shape and buff my toenails.

Now to select my color of choice which is usually from the crimson family. I admire my finished footsies and I am now ready to show them off to the world.

A warm foot soak with spa salt is very relaxing.
A warm foot soak with spa salt is very relaxing. | Source

Foot Rubs Are So Relaxing

A foot massage is a superb way to show admiration and appreciation to your adoring feet! When is the last time you had a foot massage? It's probably been awhile and you are past due.

Here again whether you choose to have a supportive family member perform the task or have a professional foot rub is totally up to you. Either way you will be letting your feet know that you are thankful for them and all the hard work they do for you.

It's always best to soak your feet for at least 15 minutes before a foot massage. Soaking allows the skin to be more supple and easier to knead during a massage. Enjoy the moment, you deserve it.

The next step is to dry your feet thoroughly for the correct effects for the following procedure.

Begin with scented or unscented foot massage lotion, use sparingly because too much lotion won't allow a firm enough grip on the skin and too little lotion won't be useful.

Place feet in a comfortable position. Knead the feet firmly yet gently since you want this to be an enjoyable experience not a painful one. Where there are tight spots, knead them again.

Once completed place your feet in a nice pair of cozy cotton socks and relish the moment.

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It's Time To Explore

It's flip flop season time!

Whether you fancy sandals, flip flops or being barefoot your beautiful feet and festive toes are now ready to celebrate the season with you.

Women are blessed with the wide assortment of shoe styles, designs and colors to purchase.

Prices are afforable, which gives us the option of having multiple pairs to own. I have a rainbow of Old Navy flip flop colors.

Dress up your feet according to your daily mood.

Be who you want to be any day of the week.

Be daring, alluring, flirty, dainty or just silly! Most of all be you and treat your feet the way they deserve to be treated.

Relax With a Bottle of Flip Flop Wine


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© 2011 Linda Bilyeu


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