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Forever 21

Updated on November 19, 2010


The first time I walked into that store, my head went crazy. Racks and racks of clothes, catchy music and teenagers screaming. Today, it is my favorite store and here is why. The prices are cheap, the clothes are cute and they fit my style. Here is my advice on how to look through the store.

Usually when I go shopping, I go looking for one specific thing, in Forever 21....DO NOT DO THAT. My advice would be, go look at outfits that look cute together. Usually they have stuff on the racks already put together.

This goes for shopping in any store, know what looks good on you. Do you like loose clothing, tight clothing, shiny, dull, striped, plaid..... Once you know your style, it's much easier to sort through the clothes and making decisions on them.

Sometimes some things will look good just looking at them. Try those things on. You don't realize it, but once you put on the clothes, they look different, and you change your mind. It saves trips back and forth to the mall.

Things to get at Forever 21....




-DRESSES(they have amazing dresses)

Ok so I guess I'll make a separate section on dresses. Their variety of dresses is unlimited. You can go from super short, to floor length. From sparkly, to plaid. Stock up on dresses because they aren't that expensive. If it's bar/mitzvah year, go buy dresses like crazy. If you go to a lot of school dances, get dresses. 



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