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Celebrity Favorites: J Brand Skinny Jeans

Updated on July 3, 2012
Agnes Jeans in Stealth
Agnes Jeans in Stealth | Source

Agnes: The Jeans That Everyone’s Talking About

First came the Houli now it’s Agnes everyone wants to be seen with. Both are jeans/pants by J Brand, the brainchild of Jeff Rudes and stylist Susie Crippen. The company started in 2004 and quickly became a celebrity favorite. Their jeans and trousers focus on fit and avoid overly excessive embelishments to create a sexy, sleek and stylish look.

The Agnes trousers have been adorning celebrities all over the place. Cheryl Cole, Rhianna, Beyonce, Naomi Watts, Gwen Stefani, Katherine Hiegel to name but a few. So what’s so special about the Agnes trouser- They are a low rise skiing cut trouser with side zips on hem.Essentially they are very similar to the Houli, cut just above the ankle, they come in several dark colors and a very popular waxed version. They really are beautifully tailored and look amazing, providing you are slim enough to pull them off –hey they’re called skinny jeans for a reason.

The trouser is so popular that's first shipment batch sold out after only 2 days and had to start a waiting list.

So the important question... where can you get your hands on the must-have trousers of the moment?

The Jeans retail for about $259 or £166 but they are selling a lot cheaper on ebay. They are also selling on Amazon for 49% off the RRP.

Celebrities Love J Brand

Obviously if a product gets picked up in the world of celebrities then it becomes more popular with us normal folk and boy has J Brand been picked up by the celebs. From the UK to the US anyone who's anyone is wearing J Brand's Agnes jeans.

The most popular with the celebrities appears to be the Stealth wash. Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Brooke, Cheryl Cole and Rhianna wear Agnes in 'Stealth' - a very popular choice- this is a leather style look but much easier to wear than actually wearing skin tight leather trousers.

Zara USA Jeans

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Skinny Trousers with Zipped Hems in CamelCigarette Ash Fabric Denim in GreyWashed Slim Fit Jeans in Denim
Skinny Trousers with Zipped Hems in Camel
Skinny Trousers with Zipped Hems in Camel
Cigarette Ash Fabric Denim in Grey
Cigarette Ash Fabric Denim in Grey | Source
Washed Slim Fit Jeans in Denim
Washed Slim Fit Jeans in Denim | Source

The High Street Alternative?

Now let's be honest J Brand's jeans and pants are beautifully tailored and offer great quality- you will feel amazing in their jeans. However they are not the cheapest and if you’re not too fussy about the actual label you’re wearing and are more interested in the style and the product then Zara have their own version of the trousers which have also being flying of the shelves and not surprising since they start retailing from an amazing $39.99!

My favorites are:

Cigarette Ash Fabric Denim- $59.99 in Grey

Washed Slim Fit Jeans- $59.99 in blue denim

Skinny Trousers with zipped hems - $39.99 in Camel

All these are available from the Zara USA website:

Zara UK Jeans

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Coating trousers with ZipWashed Slim Fit JeansCoating Trousers in BlackSatin Trousers in KhakiVintage Pop Slim Jeans in Denim
Coating trousers with Zip
Coating trousers with Zip | Source
Washed Slim Fit Jeans
Washed Slim Fit Jeans | Source
Coating Trousers in Black
Coating Trousers in Black | Source
Satin Trousers in Khaki
Satin Trousers in Khaki | Source
Vintage Pop Slim Jeans in Denim
Vintage Pop Slim Jeans in Denim | Source

In the UK?

Zara UK also has some great alternatives to the J Brand skinny jeans. My favorite are Coating Trousers with Zip. They come in a dark khaki green and are very similar to the Agnes stealth wash and retail at just £29.99!!!

Another good choice and also only £29.99 are their Coating trousers in Black- again similar to the stealth wash but without the zipped hems.

Finally for a real bargin try Zara's Satin Trousers in Khaki coming in at only £25.99.

If denim is more your thing they do some gorgeous skinny jeans in denim too. My favorites are:

Washed Slim Fit Jeans in Denim- £29.99

Vintage Pop Slim Jeans- £29.99

All these trousers are available from Zara's UK website:


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    • Meg Moon profile image

      Meg Moon 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      You're welcome- how you losing the weight? I'm trying to shift my baby weight at the mo too x

    • Ddraigcoch profile image

      Emma 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks for the tip on Zara jeans. I am currently losing a dramatic amount of weight and hitting the Gym so will maybe treat myself to a pair when I get to a favorable size.