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Four Ways to Hide Lingerie

Updated on October 13, 2009

A Lingerie Safe

So you're still somewhat 'in the closet' with your lingerie wearing, but you wear lingerie anyway. This causes certain problems for you. Where do you store your lingerie? Where can you put your lingerie that it wil be safe from prying eyes?

Prying eyes are everywhere. If you're not sure how to hide your lingerie, some of these tips may help.

Safe in a Safe

A large safe is ideal for hiding one's lingerie. People are unlikely to be able to crack the safe easily, thus ensuring its security. People are also unlikely to suspect that a few scraps of lace and nylon are the contents of your 6 foot high vault.

If the 6 foot version doesn't suit, you can try a less obvious method of lingerie storage, hiding it behind a portrait on the wall inside a wall safe.

Shoe Box

Of course, your paranoid levels may have abated to the point where you no longer feel that several inches of steel are necessary to protect your lingerie interests. In that case you could try storing your lingerie in a shoebox in the wardrobe (closet, in the case of Americans). People will expect to find shoes in a shoe box, not lingerie, so your secret is likely to remain safe. Unless, of course, you put it in a woman's shoe box in which case a female is highly likely to sniff out the box with her special shoe homing instict. It'll be a false positive of course, but by the time she discovers that, she will have found your lingerie.

Locked Drawer

A locked drawer is a more socially acceptable method of hiding lingerie. Of course, a locked drawer always draws curiosity. You may find that people sniff around looking for the key, or try to jammy the lock with a spatula. They will not suspect lingerie of course, they are more likely to be searching for bundles of high denomination notes or gold ingots.

A Lingerie Drawer

A lingerie drawer, usually found at the top of  a chest of drawers or alternatively on the left or right hand sides. A lingerie drawer is an eminently suitable place to hide lingerie. Why? It's so obvious that people will never suspect it. If you must be stealthy, disguise it as a sock drawer with a false bottom that can be lifted to reveal your lingerie secrets.

Of course, no man should have to hide his lingerie. Lingerie is the right of every man and woman. Let your hiding be temporary if you hide it at all.


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    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      A skirt made of iron, perhaps... ;)

      I like your idea too iloveps.. it is stealthy and yet, so open...

    • profile image

      Alicia 8 years ago

      You could always hide them under a skirt...

    • profile image

      iloveps 8 years ago

      I have something better than a safe......

      Under a few pairs of "standard" male underwear. no one would ever guess the coup i had pulled on thier eyes with that one.

    • profile image

      Jenni 8 years ago

      Secretly hiding your lingerie..Oh the horror!

      I thankfully keep my lingerie openly even with teenage girls in my house, eveyone knows I wear lingerie and frankly it isn't such a big deal. I do however recall the days when I was forced to hide my dainties.

      Living at home with my parents (1970's) and well into wearing panties and bras, as well as my mothers nighties on occassion, I was forced to find a place to hide my acquired lingerie. Because I was still at home and I didn't own a lot of items I would hide my "things" in a space above the ceiling in the basement. It worked well for years and was never discovered by anyone.

      Later at about twenty I met an understanding woman who allowed me to keep all my things at her house..she was a student studying at university and had her own apartment. She later became my wife (still married all these years later..mostly because she accepts me as I am)

      When I left home I took my things with me and never had to hid anything again. We got our own apartment and I began the road to more fully exploring my intense love of lingerie.