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How To Choose Fragrances for Men

Updated on July 25, 2009

Fashion in now as much a men's forte as it was women's centuries ago. The modern heterosexual man will not think twice before he jumps onto the fashion bandwagon to adorn what is in and what is simply extinct in the men's world!

Types of Scent For Men - Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, Eau De Cologne

Have you wondered what is the difference between a perfume, eau de perfume and the many more terms you've often heard and read about? Do you ever pause and think about what exactly are you going to the market to purchase? Read on as we give you a quick insight into what is the difference between each one of these.

Each one of these differs from one another on the basis of the amount or concentration of oils or 'juice' in the fragrance. The highest concentration of this juice exists in the perfume, also known as parfum. All the others follow in the series i.e. Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne, in that sequence.

The rule is that a higher concentration of the juice will imply a longer lasting fragrance and hence obviously the need to apply the minimum.

How To Choose A Scent In Store (Without Knocking Yourself Out With The Fumes)

Talking of colognes, when was the last time that you got simply enamored by a fragrance your colleague wore and quickly grabbed a pen to note the brand? Well, it might help you to know that the same brand might not be as magical for you!

Science throws up enough evidence to show that it is not merely the brand that does the wonders, but it is all about the chemical reaction between your skin and the particular brand that actually makes you feel awesome or the opposite.

So how exactly should you go about selecting that right brand for yourself? Well, to begin with, ask the salesperson at the counter to give you a set of cards to test the different fragrances. Ordinarily, all you would do is to spray and spritz a countless number of fragrances on our arms or wrists to try the different types. It is a little wonder then, that by the time you are testing the fourth fragrance in a row, you almost begin to feel dizzy and all fragrances feel just the same. When you use the cards instead, you can easily differentiate between fragrances.

Some experts even suggest sniffing coffee beans in between a few fragrances for they are suspected to neutralize your senses for the purpose. Once you've tested all the possible options, gradually start eliminating each one you prefer the least and soon you'll have a very favorable and narrowed down range of choice to choose from.

And just another note! Don’t get swayed by the brand names and the price tags itself. Chances are that the brands, which are famous and popular, are going to be worn by every other person in the ballroom and you might end up looking just like a chip of the block. Instead, try and be unique in your search for that right fragrance, sensing what would suit you more instead of just getting hooked on to what everyone else is wearing.

Perfumes and colognes can very well make or mar the way your persona reflects itself in the outer world. To clothe and accessorize yourself is surely a fine art, which only a few can master. It takes months and even years for a novice to gain artistry and beat the professionals at the skill!

So if you are one of those who like to be in step with the time and lay your hands on what's in and what's latest, here we furnish an exhaustive list of the latest in men's colognes and what all is on offer, ranging right from the house of D & G to Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani. In fact, a recent news release just revealed that the men's fragrance market is estimated to exceed $2.5 billion in the coming years. So what are you waiting for? This is your chance to be one with the world of glitterati, the platform of who's who and do what the celebrities delve in.

And before you choose on the right scent for yourself, just be sure of the occasion in question, for that influences all the choices you make. Read on as we give you a few quick tips on the latest on platter.

Whether it’s a crucial business meeting you are headed to or just looking forward to that cherished dream date of yours or just planning for a cozy get-together with your pals, there is a fragrance to suit every moment of your life.

Some Scent Suggestions

Well, you can start setting up your perfume and cologne wardrobe with the likes of Black Code by Giorgio Armani. A soft and oriental style fragrance, it is just deal for simple everyday use and carries hints of lemon, bergamont, aromatic and Mediterranean scents among others. Or for a stronger one, go in for Acqua Di Gio, also by Giorgio Armani. Having a strong citrus tone, this wonderful fragrance offers a spicy freshness with a subtle hint of rosemary.

For a hint of romance, wear the mesmerizing Dolce and Gabbana to the memorable date in the evening. A woody yet fruity scent, this amazing fragrance will give you a whiff of peppermint and tobacco. Eternity from the house of Calvin Klein, another ideal daywear cologne, brings together the heady fragrances of jasmine, sage, basil and rosewood. Obsession, also, from the same banner, blends the woody and sweet notes of mandarin and nutmeg and is reserved only for special occasions.

Looking for a fragrance that will not abandon you just after a few hours? Well, for that long-lasting impact, try the new L'Eau d'lssey Pour Homme. With amalgamation of keynotes like verbena, tangerine, cypress, coriander, clary sage, musk and the like, this new fragrance is aromatic and smells woodsy. And if you need to get into that romantic mood, try on that evergreen fragrance, the Hugo from Hugo Boss. A classic favorite, this scintillating perfume finds countless takers, year after year and remains unparalleled till date.

And if you are one of those who love the strong smell of masculinity in your cologne, the Happy For Men cologne from Clinique is just the right choice for you. Woody notes blended finely with a hint of refreshing citrus, it makes you feel very clean and fresh, ideal for daytime wear. Angel by Thierry Mugler is another rich masculine scent, with a blend of mint, coffee, caramel, lavender and tar.

For a yet another cool and refreshing experience, go pick up the wonderful Cool Water by Davidoff, which carries the classic cool and refreshing fragrance its famous for. Adding on, for a dash of orange and lavender, head straight for Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier, ideal for the winters and comes in an attractive package.

How To Apply Scent or Cologne

Alright, so you now have your cabinets all stocked up and can even put a designer store to shame! But, we might caution you here; even the best of fragrances and brands will not weave the spell unless you know how to use them right. Using cologne or a perfume, is not merely a child’s play, literally! Are you one of those who just pick up, splash, spray, slam the lid shut and just move on? Well, read on for some of the secrets celebrities and the fashion world simply swears by.

For beginners, never apply the cologne directly on your clothes. It will help to know that your body contains some natural pheromones, which react with the cologne to emit that wonderful fragrance, which you think, is only your favorite brand's wonder! Since your clothes do not contain these pheromones, it is almost of no use to spray or spritz on them.

Now when you actually set down to using the perfume, first know where to apply it on your skin. Experts suggest using the cologne only on the 'hot' spots in your body. Now before you start thinking something else and have all the nasty ideas about the 'hot' spots, let us tell you that these spots are the ones that produce the most body heat. Heat emitted by the body activates the cologne and makes the fragrance long lasting and much stronger. It is this heat that reacts with the fragrance and gives out that wonderful smell. So head for those wrists, neck, armpits and soft spots behind the ears for a long-lasting, aromatic experience.

Apart from using it on the right areas, experts also suggest layering of fragrances for that longer lasting impact. To begin with, use a bath gel and follow it up with moisturizer or powder and further layer it with Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum or Eau de Cologne. For the most impressive results, try to procure the entire range of a single brand name, especially if you intend to follow the layering regimen.

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    • Surfraz profile image


      7 years ago from India

      several interesting things about perfumes, great hub. Will the result be worst if we do not use a single brand in layering regime.

      Layering regime as said in this hub is as below.

      "For the most impressive results, try to procure the entire range of a single brand name, especially if you intend to follow the layering regimen"

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      If you are buying a fragrance either for yourself or for a gift, keep in mind that fragrances mix with the person’s natural scent, thereby creating a unique fragrance—as unique as your own retina or fingerprints. The new cologne that smells fantastic on everyone else might smell awful on you. And for that reason, selecting the proper cologne at the fragrance counter, now laden for the holidays with all kinds of gift sets and promotions, could be confusing.

    • StevenCavendish profile image


      8 years ago

      These are great tips. It so easy to be bamboozled by the fancy packaging and sales assistants.

    • perfumelover profile image


      9 years ago

      thought this hub offered a great breakdown of perfume 101 tips! especially the part about how one cologne/perfume smells great on one person but may not necessarily smell great on another. that's one basic thing about perfumes that many people forget! :)


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