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Updated on February 20, 2015

I always was made to feel that I was the person on the outside looking in because of the freckles all over my body. Others made me feel less of a person by laughing and pointing at me because of the freckles.

I was born with freckle's all over my body from head to toes which made me different in many ways, from clear skinned people.I always thought that God was cruel to me exposing me to a world where i was made fun of.

I remember telling my mom how mean people was to me, she would hold me in her arms, telling me to be proud of myself and that my freckle's were a blessing from God. . I didn't want the blessing, I wanted to be beautiful like others.

One day I remember going to the park I sat down crying no one understood . In front of me a lady spoke to me, why are you crying. I pointed to my arms she smile and said you are a beautiful girl. I don't see anything wrong with you.. No one likes me or wants to be my friend I said in pitiful little voice. They are not your friends if they talk behind your back,she smiled.

These ugly things I have all over me are ruining my life, I want to be beautiful. Feel good about yourself don't let no one take that away from you. I looked at the lady she was beautiful with freckles all over her face, legs and arms. I have millions of friends I have travel all over the world , I love myself and my freckle's, and so does my husband she smiled. She walked away telling me that beautify was only skin deep.

The next morning I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that my freckles was sort of cute circling my nose. In the eyes of God I was beautiful because he created me the way he wanted me.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 5 years ago from Boston MA

      that you for that bishopkmb for your comment learning to live with what god given you is so important. I thank you

    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 5 years ago from Boston MA

      My frecklers are something that I cherish because God gave me this special gift of beauty.