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Free Eye Test

Updated on October 25, 2012

Why get an Eye Test

A simple free eye test now may save you a lot of time, money and problems in the future. It is one of the most overlooked organs that we take for granted. It is crucial that you get an eye test on a regular basis to detect any symptoms or problems you may have in your eyes.

Simply request for a free eye test from your optometrist and they should be happy to, with the prospect of selling you prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Every should get an eye exam, adults and children alike. Adults need one to check for early signs of any diseases in the eye which can therefore be treated. Children need an eye test even more because a child's eye is still developing and any issues can have a major impact on the eye's development further down the track.

Below are some of the basic eye tests available nowadays. After receiving an eye test, you may find out you require glasses. The lenses in glasses help refract light and cancel out the angle error inside your eye. However, in cases of eye diseases, you may have to go to a doctor for special vitamins or supplements for vision to maintain your eye's health. Eye drops are another common remedy for the home use.

Different Types of Eye Tests

The first test is called the Dilation test. Your eye doctor will release special eye fluids in order to make your pupils dilate. This is to make your pupils larger so as to make it easier for the doctor to examine the inside of the eye. This test is for testing the inside of the eye such as blood vessels, the retina, and the optic nerve. This is an extremely important and effective test because many diseases inside the eye can be detected with this one test.

The second test is called the Tonometry test which is basically testing the pressure of your eye. This test is mainly to test for the disease glaucoma, and is totally painless. An instrument is softly placed against the eye to test its resistance and pressure.

The third most common eye test tests your visual field, the perimtery test You simply stare at a bright light source while another light source is moved around your peripheral vision. 

Another common eye test is to test for your color vision. You will need to stare at colored dots and shapes mixed together of different colors commonly with a number inside. If you have average color vision then seeing the number will not be a problem. However, those who cannot tell out the number may be slightly or severely colorblind. 


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