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Freedom Is A Well Fitting Man's Bra

Updated on December 7, 2009

For many men who require brassieres, much freedom can be found in a well fitting bra. Women, and men fortunate enough not to struggle much with weight and hormonal issues might think it odd, or strange that a man might require a bra, but for the many men who have found themselves with substantial amounts of breast tissue, a bra provides just as much support and freedom for them as it does for the average woman.

Women know the value of a bra that fits well. A nice bra, fitted well, alleviates the constant downwards pressure exerted on the back, shoulders, and even neck. Women with ill fitting bras often find themselves stooping forwards to try and compensate, and men who really should be wearing bras will often similarly develop a hunched over body position.

So how does a man find a well fitting bra? Well, there are several fitting guides out there for men, but at the end of the day, trial and error are going to be your guiding lights. Why? Because bra manufacturers have always delighted in creating bras which fit in different ways. A 42 B in one style and brand may differ quite substantially from a 42 B in another style from the same brand, and again from a 42 B produced by another manufacturer. This is why lingerie departments have changing rooms that allow customers to try on lingerie before they buy it.

If you're a man requiring a bra fitting, this can be something of a challenge. Fortunately, unlike underwear, bras can be returned if they don't fit very well, so buying brassieres online, trying them on, and returning them if they don't fit is usually a viable option for the shy male bra wearer who does not wish to brave the lingerie department.

If you are suffering from excess amounts of breast tissue, I would encourage you to try a bra. You'd be surprised as to how many men wear bras, and you'd be surprised at how effective they really are at supporting the chest. If you dislike the feminine colors and lacy cuts, there are always a wide range of entirely plain black, white and beige bras to chose from at any online store or lingerie retailer or lingerie store. Women don't always want to be wearing something frilly and pretty, so there are a massive range of styles available. Don't be persuaded by lingerie billboards and Victorias' Secret catalogs into thinking that you will have to wear pink daisies if you wear a bra.

There are also a few niche specialists that create bras just for men. Some of these are based in Japan, and sizes may not fit a larger Western figure, and others are based in the West. On balance, however, a bra designed for women may be of better quality and perhaps even fit than one run up for men by people not quite qualified to design bras for men.


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    • profile image

      snowdrift 8 years ago

      Having shopped for women's clothing and lingerie in various stores for several years, I think how one is treated depends mostly on the individuals working there. It is nice when you find helpful pleasant nonjudgemental sales people.

      On the bra front, I've recently found a product I really like; a padded wire-free Warner bra that has a nicely shaped foam incorporated that looks truly like an added natural cup size. I wear a 36A (wondering if 38A would be better, if still harder to find), and this bra looks great under a blouse or dress. They've recently been on sale at Macy's, and although the link below doesn't do on line sales, you can go to Warner's main page and get store locations that carry their products.

      BTW, Hope Alexander rocks! Amazing that no one has before offered a place on the net so...gezelig. (dutch for comfortable or cozy)

    • David H profile image

      David H 8 years ago from England

      I live in the UK, so do not know your local stores.

      However, I have had a bra fitting done in Debenhams (a large department store).

      I was dressed as a woman at the time though.

      The best thing to do is to send an email or phone one of your nearest stores.

      I have heard that VS is friendly towards crossdressers.

      If you meet someone a bit snobbish, then move on to another store. Most sales associates are respectful, providing you are polite.

    • TIMWILLIAMS profile image

      TIMWILLIAMS 8 years ago

      Hi mikk: Thank's for responding to my comment. Really, will Victoria's Secret do bra fittings for men as well as women. I was not sure. Did you get a bra fitting done at a Victoria's Secret store? I want to clarify. I will consider

      if they actually do the bra fittings for men in addition to women that they are used to seeing for the most part.

      Good day.

    • profile image

      mikk 8 years ago

      Timwilliams, you can go to most lingerie stores if you want a bra fitting. I like Victoria's Secret mostly because its my favorite(and they se you as another customer therfore you are money) but lingerie stores specialize in undies so they might get a better job done. I recently started adding bras to my "female" clothing(I am a man) due to some breast tissue i developed after laying around the house after a surgery. I only have an A cup but it is definitely more comfortable to don a bra when I go for a run or to the gym. Bouncing breasts are not something i would wish on anyone, lol

    • TIMWILLIAMS profile image

      TIMWILLIAMS 8 years ago

      Hi fran-gerry,I am a man. You say JC Penney was helpful to you. Will they do do bra fittings for men as well as women? If they do, I like to know. I want to go have a bra fitting done for fun. I wear size 36-A bras as of now. I want to make sure it's really the right size bra for me even though I don't have any major problems with my bras.

    • fran-gerry profile image

      fran-gerry 8 years ago

      I have found JC Penny is very helpful at fitting me , yes a good fitting bra makes all the difference in comfort.