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French Braids and Ponytails

Updated on December 17, 2014

The Ponytail

The ponytail is a very common hairstyle. It is where all the hair on the head is gathered and pulled away from the face and then tied at the back of the head with an elastic hair tie or a hair clip. It comes from the tail of a pony or horse. Pigtails are when the hair is divided in two parts and a ponytail on each side.

A Classic Look

If you need a quick classic look but don't really have the time then I suggest the ponytail flip. It takes under a minute and can change your look to more of a professional look.

Another Great Look

A polished look with the straight style ponytail. You need a type of styling wax from the roots to the ends to smooth away the flyaway hair. Create a low ponytail an the nape and then wrap a section of the hair around it with a few bobby pins. finally go over the ponytail part with a flatiron.

The Bohemian Braid


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    • dandelionweeds profile image

      dandelionweeds 3 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for reading and for the tips, i'll be sure to upgrade.

    • Wendi Gjata profile image

      Wendi Gjata 3 years ago from Hialeah-Florida

      Hi! Great hub, I really like the bohemian braid. Also I totally agree, the ponytail flip is really quick and easy. Yet, it still looks great! These are really great ideas that I think everyone should know. However, I think you should add a bit more writing. Also in your summary, you wrote the word "nix" not "mix." I just thought you should know this because it doesn't really attract a lot of people if you have a spelling mistake! But overall this is a very good hub! I can't wait to try to do the ponytail flip!