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French Connection Vintage Collection

Updated on September 2, 2010

In celebration of the fact that they exist, French Connection are re-launching the line they first launched in 1972 in a wild expression of minimalist vintage that will fit into both the vintage and new minimalist trends that are sprawling all over the catwalks this fall.

There are just four items in the collection, which is nice, because it means I can pay special attention to reviewing every single one of them. Suffice to say, if you are a slim willowy flower child with perfect skin and just a hint of lipstick on, then you're going to look like you stepped right out of the 70's when you don these outfits. If you're a normal human being, you'll also look very stylish indeed.

Vintage Marzipan Cotton Dress

It's hard to imagine an occasion when wearing this dress would seem in any way appropriate. Unless you happen to live near a sunny field of flowers that you'd like to romp through playfully, this will probably be relegated to being worn around the house. A simple shift dress with a little gathering around the square neckline and a hint of emphasis around the hem, this garment hearkens back to a simpler time.

Vintage Dolly Dress

Whilst also being pure white, this dress has a little more to recommend itself than the Marzipan dress. For starters, there are the pretty cap sleeves that impart a whimsical tone to the garment. The sash at the waist and the fitted panel also help this to be more flattering to the wearer. A hint of pleating finishes the look off with charming finality. This is a dress you can wear to a summer's soiree and be the talk of the party.

Vintage Sally Smock

Now here's something that vibes with the full force of the 70's. With a contrasting embroidered motif that will have you swaying with the wind and the trees, this is a garment that could easily be combined into a modern outfit for a slightly vintage look. French Connection advocates wearing it with skinny jeans and sandals, and why not?

Vintage Grace Lace

And so too it goes with the Grace Lace shirt, another symphony in demi-sheer white that exudes retro style, and a charming innocence that will look good on a woman of any age. The gathered panel on the bust, along with the contrasting flow of the lower shirt and of course, those gorgeous lace trim fluted cuffs make this a completely darling piece of attire.


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