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Frilly Tutu Skirts For Men

Updated on June 17, 2010
This tutu petticoat brought to you by
This tutu petticoat brought to you by

It's a well known fact that frilly tutus are about the most anti manly type of attire a fellow can wear, which is precisely why men should wear them. It's also well known that women who wear pants are home wreckers only good for burning cheap lingerie, but we women have never let that stop us.

Is it possible to buy frilly tutus just for men? Of course it is! has their own line and there are a great many independent purveyors out there on the internet as well. Get out there and explore! There's more to men's fashion than the folks down at the mall want you to know about. (It's like a conspiracy, except there's absolutely nothing secret about it.)

What kind of man buys a frilly tutu skirt? The kind of man who no longer cares what anyone thinks. The kind of man who is beyond caving into arbitrary expectations placed on him by a wider society that doesn't know his name and couldn't really care if he lived or died, but for some reason is deeply invested in what he wears. The man who buys and wears a frilly tutu skirt is making his own fun whilst he has the chance to.

I often say this, but I'm going to say it again because it is so vitally important. Regardless of your personal or spiritual beliefs, put them aside for a moment and level with me here as I level with  you. Chances are that there is no afterlife. If there is an afterlife, it's not going to be much like the life you're living now. You don't have a body for starters, which is going to make wearing lingerie really hard. Even if you go for reincarnation, odds are that you'll incarnate somewhere in darkest Ethiopia where you'll be too busy wondering why every kid they've had there for the past 50 years has been starving and yet still managed to grow up and spew forth yet more starving children.

This is probably the only life you have, and you're wasting it by being afraid of what the other humans think. So if you have the inclination to wear a frilly skirt, please, wear one. Don't go into that darkest night having pleased everyone. I've never seen a headstone that proudly proclaimed 'CONFORMED TO ALL OF SOCIETY'S NORMS'.

Life is precious and whilst you have it, you should treat it as such by doing no harm to others, doing no harm to yourself, and eking every little bit of glorious freedom out of it that you can.


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      herby 7 years ago

      I am glad that you told this, Hope. Really, I am not going with any norm, and I also used petticoats to my skirts in past. Lately I did not use it, but I am encouraged by your article to do so.