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Fringe Bags | Find Freedom On The Fringe

Updated on September 17, 2010

As we all become more organic, appreciative of the earth and all that sort of thing, so fashion is adapting to reflect this new conciousness. That means using elemental, earthy materials and picking up trends from the 1800's and earlier. What's hot right now in the 'I am one with the planet' fashion lines? Fringed bags, that's what.

I have a vague recollection of these being around in the 80's, and the archives tell us that they were inordinately popular in the 60's, when everything worth its salt was fringed (including people.)

It seemed that the sun set on fringed bags right around the time that massive shoulder pads and flat top hairstyles came into fashion. Since the advent of cellphones, fringed bags have certainly made themselves scarce. But now they're back, back with a vengeance, and wearing one will ensure that you're already ready for 1990's Daniel Day Lewis to come and sweep you off your feet.

Here are a few cute, contemporary fringed bags you'll wish you owned this fall.

Linea Pelle Fringe Vintage Coin Purse

What do you need to put inside your fringe bag? Why, a vintage coin purse, of course! This cute little number covered in thin leather tassels reminds me of that inimitable style icon, Cousin It. I've really not much else to say about this coin purse. It's small, it's cute, it could probably hold enough cash and coins to get you to Mexico if the Sherrif decides to run you out of town.


Free People Etched Sunrise Fringe Bag

Now this is what people are talking about when they say that fringed bags freed their minds and allowed them to reach nirvana. This thoroughly stylish yellow leather fringed bag with a braided strap puts a little of the wild plains into any setting. Whether you're giving people dirty looks on the Subway, or trying to find a sandwich for under $5, this fringed bag will be with you from day break to sunset, faithfully serving you with all its baggy self.


Modern Metallic Fringe Bag

If all this home – home on the range stuff is starting to get you down, if you dream of electric sheep, not herds of wildebeest, then this Twisted Fringe Hobo bag from Nanette Lepore is sure to satisfy all the fringed requirements of the season whilst simultaneously looking as if it might just transform into something dangerous and futuristic, if given half a chance.



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