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From Afro To Hair Extensions – The History Of My Hairstyles

Updated on July 11, 2010

I Hated My Natural Hair When I Was Young

If you are black and have any hair on your head, you will have no doubt suffered when you were young with your mother trying to get a comb through your newly washed hair only to find it get stuck halfway through. I remember many times when I sat in front of my mother on the floor, having my hair coaxed into little plaits all over my head. It hurt like hell no matter how gentle she tried to be. Natural hair can be a natural nightmare.

It would feel like I was sitting there for hours waiting for her to release me from the torture of that comb going into battle with my nappy head. As she would work her way through my hair I would every so often try to gingerly reach up to feel how much hair was still left to be combed out. I would often be rewarded with a sharp whack on the knuckles and a stern “keep you head still – it will be finished when it finished!”

Having an afro is cool but can be hard to look after
Having an afro is cool but can be hard to look after

Grandmothers Can Be Little Devils

That was from my mother but my grandmother was even worse. I only dared to reach up and touch my head once. The actions of my grandmother still give me the shivers and the shakes today. She was a lovely little lady with a welcoming smile, who always had loose change to give her grandchildren. But once she had that comb in her hand she was a mini devil woman. I got whacked on the knuckle so hard my hand throbbed for hours afterwards. It makes me laugh now to think about it and to reminisce with my sister but back then I was in Pain City!

Nowadays a lot of young people are sporting an afro and it looks mighty fine but the upkeep, I am sure, must be a nightmare.

I Love My Natural Hair

These days my hair is still natural. I have been through several different hairstyles. I have had a curly perm aka the jheri curl (Grease City), straight perm, a weave, cornrows with different colours interwoven and all manner of styles that some would classify as African American hair extensions. Last but not least the style that I am sporting now. I have hair extensions which are styled into single braids. This is the most suitable style for me at the moment because I am a low maintenance gal and like to spend as little time as possible messing about with my locks. So hair extensions are the way to go for me. It looks good and is easy to maintain.

Although I must admit that I do smile with fondness when I remember the mini afro that I was styling back when I was a kid.


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