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From Hair Relaxer to Dreadlocks

Updated on March 21, 2011

Straight to Dreadlocks?

Is it really possible to go straight from chemically relaxed hair to fabulous deadlocks? It is possible, but as for them looking fabulous…well, that is the question.

Processed hair is stripped of the natural curl pattern that is your hair naturally has and this affects its ability to lock. Your processed hair can be teased and twisted to resemble dreadlocks but they will never look as good as our natural hair and once your hair starts to grow out, you will see a difference between the two separate textures of hair.

Starting Dreadlocks From Permed Hair

The best way to start dreadlocks is to cut out the permed ends and start with at least an inch of virgin natural hair. This is the part that normally has African American women running for the front doors. There is something ingrained into the psyche of the black women to have an aversion to the barbers’ scissors.

Black Hair Myths

We have been conditioned to believe that even having scraggly tendrils of unhealthy processed hair is better than having our own short but healthy natural hair. With that in mind I have always been an advocate of starting dreadlocs even with processed ends and allowing the hair to grow out gradually versus keeping the relaxer in and ultimately leaving the damaging cycle going endlessly. As the natural roots grow out and lock, the processed ends can be cut off until the straightened ends are gone.

Good Hair Versus Natural Hair?

Normally what I find is that once the two textures become very noticeable most people make the choice to chop of the bedraggled straightened ends and this immediately changes the look of your hairstyle. The newly freed ends of your hair will become lighter and bouncy. The dreadlocks themselves will be fuller and less weighted down with unnecessary excess.

Once you free your hair, an unexpected outcome is that you free your mind as well.  Being able to let go of those relaxed ends means that you are letting go of an old way of doing things.  It is accepting that your natural hair is beautiful on its own. 


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    • Ebony Eden profile image

      Ebony Eden 4 years ago

      Hello, The picture in the frame is not mine personally, but I have been locked for 8 years now and I have never regretted my decision to loc my hair.

    • DanielleCherise profile image

      Dani Norris 4 years ago from Virginia Beach

      Is the picture of your dreadlocks? I went natural a year ago by doing the BC and the whole reason I cut off my hair was to get dreadlocks.