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Funny Shirts for Geeks

Updated on October 31, 2014

Not only great geeky gifts, but hip high-fashion! I assure you geeks will not only find these shirts funny but will proudly wear them just to confuse non-geeks. Perfect for formal events or computer marathons. If you don't find these shirts funny then clearly you are probably not a geek....but know your geek friends will really appreciate one of these.

Enough Social Interaction Geek Tee

Geeks: we're one big group of loners. Most of us are not much good at the whole social interaction thing. In fact, we've trained our whole lives to be Not Good at it. From playing house alone to petitioning to be the project manager, technical lead, designer, and tester all in one on your next project, you know that other people just make life more complicated. But don't worry. You're in good company here. You're amongst people who understand, cause we're like that, too. For most of us, if it starts with "social," it better end with "networking sites."

Pretty much whenever we're out in public, geeks take a circumstance penalty to our CHA-based skills (except Handle Animal), and if you want to land some sort of bonus to offset that, you'd have to down a lot of alcohol or wear a shirt that forewarns people of the situation in a humorous manner and automatically breaks the ice with no effort whatsoever on your part. Oh wait. That's what this is! How convenient is that?

This is a 100% cotton charcoal grey t-shirt with the declaration "You read my t-shirt. That's enough social interaction for one day." printed in white upon it.

There's No Place Like

Sometimes You Just Have To Get Away Feeling homesick? Spend too much time in Oz fixing other people's computer problems? Just close your eyes, click your heels, don this fine t-shirt and all your troubles will flow by the wayside just like those luser files piped into /dev/null. Black high-quality heavyweight 100% cotton t-shirt with the phrase 'There's no place like' written front and center in white.

Caffeine Molecule Geek Shirt

must... have... more... caffeine... As seen on The Big Bang Theory! You live and code by this alkaloid, why not wear your badge of addiction for all to see? Kind of like a scarlet molecule. Except it's green. Caffeine molecule printed in lime green on a navy shirt. Think we made a mistake? Here's some info... In chemical line-angle structures (like the structure of caffeine shown on our t-shirt), carbon and hydrogen are not usually shown explicitly. Carbon is assumed to be at every junction of lines, and the proper number of hydrogen atoms needed to give each carbon a total of four bonds is assumed. This representation of the caffeine molecule is simplified based on these rules and is widely used and recognized throughout the scientific community.

Under Attack Nerd T-Shirt

Scientists yesterday reported startling new evidence of an atmospheric phenomenon which they've named the Tropospheric Staircase. Experts from St. Teresa Fordson University have identified a key mechanism by which objects traverse the atmosphere, overshadowing other atmospheric phenomena such as the jetstream, which is caused by solar heating. The Staircase seems to be unaffected by temperature or solar activity, researchers say. First observed in 1978, the Staircase involves the horizontal and vertical movement of objects through the troposphere, the lowest atmospheric layer. Groups of objects move horizontally one direction to a specific identifiable point, then drop down through the troposphere, and repeat the migration the opposite direction until they reach the Earth's surface. Experts say they are unsure of the exact location of the objects' initial migratory starting point but report it could be somewhere past our own solar system.

What Went Wrong Evolution Geek T-shirt

What Went Wrong T-shirt
What Went Wrong T-shirt

Do you ever get the sense that something has gone terribly wrong in the evolution of mankind? Show your philosophical opinion in this thought provoking T-shirt.

Keep out of Direct Sunlight
Keep out of Direct Sunlight

Keep out of Direct Sunlight Geek Tee

Keep out of Direct Sunlight

Do you sometimes feel that you ought to have come into this world with some basic instructions? We frequently do. Life would be so much easier if everybody had a manual and everybody took the time to RTFM. Sure, as a result life might be a tad more prosaic, but there's no doubt it would be more efficient. And an efficient life means more time playing games. So we toiled and pulled our hair out trying to come up with a single simple maxim to help ensure you stay on the right path in life. And here it is. Maxim #1. 100% Cotton heavyweight black t-shirt with the phrase 'Keep out of direct sunlight' emblazoned on the front in white. Never needs watering!

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth!

Baby Geek Gear

Are your kids geeks too?


Power Symbol Tech Geek Shirt

Power Symbol

You may not always notice it, but this is the International Symbol For Power. What kind of power? Usually the electron current variety. But, since most things in life have more than one meaning, go nuts! This can also be the International Symbol For Your Power Trip, or even your Power Bar. How about the International Symbol For Your Power In Bed? Get creative and become instantly more powerful with the Power Symbol Tee! Get one of these shirts, get on a starship, and go out to the furthest accretion of 'empty space' (believe us, it's quite possible) and have a few martinis while you enjoy the glow of your own power. Now snap out of it and get back to studying for that calculus test before the rave on Saturday... Your Choice of short or long-sleeved black heavyweight shirts with the power symbol on the front printed in Glow In The Dark Ink. Get your rave on....

Document My Code? T-shirt


Programmers chuckle every time they wear this T-shirt

T-shirt pokes fun at their universal resistance to documenting their code

M fits chest/bust 38-40 in. chest, L fits 42-44, XL fits 46-48, XXL fits 50-52


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