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Furrily Acceptable Fur You Can Wear

Updated on September 17, 2010

Fur is so in this fall, unfortunately wearing fur is sometimes the fashion equivalent of wandering around with a swastika carved into your forehead – it just won't do. We're all familiar with the sight of hysterical animal rights activists gadding about the place with tins of paint clutched in their anemic little hands and tears in their eyes as they hurl abuse at big bootied starlets who can't leave the house without slipping into a comfortable carcass.

There's a good reason for much of the outrage. Much fur, especially fur that comes out of Asia, is the result of unmitigated, nigh sadistic animal cruelty. If you thought having animals being electrocuted for their fur was bad, Chinese fur farmers are reported to have upped the bar of senseless horror by skipping the electrocution stage, beating animals half to death to break their bones and then skinning them alive. That sort of thing certainly puts a downer on lustrous mink coats and their ilk, doesn't it.

Of course, whilst all fur is technically murder (we simply don't have the resources to follow furry beasts around and wait for them to die to harvest their soft hides,) not all murders are equal. It may seem strange to be discussing the ethics of murder in a venue which is usually dedicated to being really really incredibly good looking, but pretty people have morals too you know.

So then, there are some acceptable furs you can wear. One is shearling. Shearling is the fur of a sheep, or rather it is the hide of a yearling sheep which was shorn shortly before its death to ensure a uniform length of wool. Shearling is pretty much acceptable because humans kill millions of sheep a year for the purposes of eating them, and wasting their hides when we're consuming their ribs and thighs just seems environmentally irresponsible. The same sort of rules apply to leather. If we're all going to chow down on steal and chille con carne, a leather jacket just makes sense.

Fake fur is also acceptable, and is probably the only choice for the vegetarian / vegan minded among us. Fake fur has the benefit of being less expensive than genuine fur and yet being just as stylish and warm regardless. Faux fur as it is often called has come in leaps and bounds since it was originally developed and nowadays there's really no excuse for going for real fur when faux fur is so easily accessible and comes in such a wide variety of animal 'flavors'. Popular faux fur site, Fabulous Furs boasts all manners of fake fur, from classic fake mink to fake coyote fur.

When it comes to fur, you have options. Take them, or you'll be making a cute little baby mink cry.


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