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Fur and Lace | Timeless Fashion Twins

Updated on November 16, 2010

Before I go any further with this article, I'm obviously talking about fake fur here, because real fur can only be worn by the worst sort of people. Bad people. Bad, bad people. But fake fur is stylish, on trend, and worn by the sort of people who don't want to wear the skin of an animal that spent its final moments in extreme, drawn out agony, flayed alive in a fashion that would make a torturer from the Spanish Inquisition wince.

These days fake fur looks and feels just as good as real fur and comes without the significant blow to your karma. I'm not saying that if you wear real fur you'll reincarnate as a frightened baby mink in a tiny cage, but I am saying that if justice has a sense of poetry, you totally will.

Now that we've firmly established fake fur as the way to go, lets discuss more positive, beautiful things, like combining lace and fur outerwear to create looks that impart a timeless sense of style. This picture, found on eminent fashion blog, Fahsionising, captures the mood and the trend perfectly.


This is not a modern look, you might notice. If there's one thing fur and lace garments both do, it is impart a sense of history to an outfit. It's impossible not to notice that, should one step through an unexpected time warp and end up at almost any point in history whilst wearing this outfit, one would probably blend in with the surrounding people. In fact, this should be the official outfit of the time traveler’s society. It's formal enough to prevent the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, but still relaxed enough to enjoy the early days of the Beetles at the Casbah Coffee Club.

In addition to being useful in a time traveling context, the fur / lace look is going to be a very popular look this season. Fur is very big at the moment, as is lace, not to mention a retro nostalgia that appears to have us all in a death grip and isn't planning on letting go any time soon. So by wearing lace and fur, you will be conforming to the zeitgeist entirely, you will be a fashionable young thing, no matter what your age. You will discover fashion eternity, an immortality that can be obtained by every human – or at least, every human with access to a wardrobe that includes fake fur and lovely lace.


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