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Fusion Hair Extensions - How To Attach Hair Extensions

Updated on July 12, 2010

You have made the decision that you would like to have a new hairstyle. You have decided that you would like to add a little bit more length to your own hair and the quickest way to achieve this is to have hair extensions.

There are several different types of hair extensions that you can choose to have. You can get a hair weave, which involves cornrows and attaching wefts of hair to your head.

You can choose to get single braids done. This involves getting your hair braided to the desired length using real human hair or synthetic hair. Or you can choose to use the fusion method of hair extensions. Each method has its advantages and the cost of getting the work done can range in price.

Use fusion hair extensions to create the Jessica Alba look
Use fusion hair extensions to create the Jessica Alba look

What Are Fusion Hair Extensions?

This method attaches the hair extension by using a special type of glue. A small section of hair is taken and the glue seals the extension onto the hair. There is a choice between using cold fusion hair extensions or hot fusion extensions.

Hot Fusion Extensions

Hot fusion is the traditional method used. It is also known as hair bonding. The advantage of this way of attaching the hair is that if it is done properly it is virtually undetectable. The attached hair strands will look as if they have magically merged with your real hair. The end result can last up to 4 months before it needs to be taken out. This will of course depend on how the wearer chooses to look after the hair.

What fusion hair extensions look like close up
What fusion hair extensions look like close up

Cold Fusion Extensions

Cold fusion is a newer way of creating extensions. It has the advantage of using a chemical compound that does not need to be heated in order to seal the extension onto your hair. This is great for people who have sensitive scalps or who have very fine hair because it is a much kinder and gentler method.

If done properly and professionally you can find that these hair extensions can last up to an amazing 6 months. Once again it all depends on the general upkeep of the hair and regular trips to the hair salon for treatments.

Whatever decision you make with regards to the type of hair extension you go for, make sure you check out how much you can source the hair for and how much the hairdresser will charge to carry out the procedure. You could check out prices online so that you can go to the hairdressers armed with photos of how you would like your hair to look and a ball park figure of what you expect to pay.

Getting fusion hair extensions can radically change your appearance so have fun with it. If you look after your hair right, it should last you for quite some time.


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