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Fusion Hair Extensions. Good or Bad?

Updated on December 5, 2015

The Consultation.

A good place to start is to find a few salons that do fusion extensions and find out approximate pricing, you may not get exact pricing until you go in for a consultation and the stylists finds out exactly what you want. There are many decisions to make such as length, fullness, color, brand of hair. Another consideration to make is whether you want the Utip(keratin bond) or the Itip (beaded). These extensions tend to look the most natural because they can be placed closer to the edges of the hair than an extension on a weft. They have a lot more versatility with styling due to the way the hair is installed. When purchased the package will have 20 mini bundles of hair and each bundle is about 30-40 strands each. A full head usually uses about 4-5 packages unless you have extremely thick hair you may need 6-7 packages.

Extensions can be high in cost but most of the time you get what you pay for and the hair quality can be compromised by the want to pay a smaller amount. Make sure you are getting human hair, synthetic should not be put in your hair for long periods of time. Synthetic hair can not be dried or styled with any type of heated tool

The Difference Between Utip and Itip

Utip extensions are put in the hair by taking very small sections using a heat tool and heating up a keratin bond(not glue) and then rolling the bond between two fingers to adhere it to the hair and smooth and round the bond. The process can take a couple of hours to complete. They last approximately 2 months and can be refreshed and worn another 2 months. To have them removed you need remover and hair pliers. Use the hair pliers to lightly break the bond and put remover on and the extensions should slide off of the hair strand. Take care not to put to much pressure on the pliers it could damage the natural hair.

Itip extensions are put in using the same small sections, but they do not require heat. To install you use a small hook and bead. Using the hook you pull the natural hair through a bead and feed the extension tip in and then clamp it down with the pliers so that the bead is snug but not breaking the hair. To remove you simply use the pliers to open the bead an slide it off the hair. Itip extensions can also be worn 2 months and then refreshed.

Both require proper care for extended wear. The use of extension shampoo, making sure they are properly dried after shampooing will help keep them in good condition. They must be brushed properly or they will tangle at the root and become matted. This will damage the natural hair severely and might even make the extensions unusable.

Pros and Cons


  • Adds Length
  • Adds Fullness and Body
  • Can be used on shorter hair unlike clip ins
  • More versatile with styles


  • Can become tangled if not cared for properly
  • May slip down the hair shaft if you have naturally oily hair
  • Can be pricey to have done
  • Not good for dry or damaged hair

All extensions can be beautiful as long as they are installed properly and taken care of.


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      faisal sabir 

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      Manufacteres and Exporters of all Kind Cuticle Nippers Nail Nippers and Bueaty Instruments.


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