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Geek Dresses | Maria Sharapova Models The Latest In Obnoxiousness

Updated on June 21, 2009

I think we all agree that cellphones are inherently obnoxious and anyone who uses one in public should have it confiscated and thrown down Russia's secret tunnel to the molten core of the earth. (Russia totally has a secret tunnel to the core of the earth, it's how Putin stays in shape, he runs the length of it and back every morning dressed in a molten core resistant suit handed down to him from the infamous Rasputin.) That's a fact you can take to the bank. But on with the story.

Tennis great Maria Sharapova has managed to turn the obnoxiousness that is wandering around chatting to someone who isn't even there (what mad mad came up with that idea?) into a fashion statement. A fashion statement that says 'I am a big dork and I hate where I am so much that any one of the myriad of people who knows my cellphone number will take precedence over you.' God. That statement is so hot right now.

The dress which Maria is wearing and indeed demonstrating in this picture, lights up when the wearer receives a cell phone call. Some might think that the mere act of receiving a cell phone call is hardly worth so much as a mention to the person attempting to have a conversation with your fatuous ass, let along announcing visually to the whole room by having your outfit burst into a sparkly display.

Fortunately, I don't think that anyone will be wearing these in the streets any time soon. It would be like asking a flash mob to form and beat the heck out of you without any mercy whatsoever.

In case you were wondering what Reuters had to say on the subject:

LONDON (Reuters) - Former Wimbledon champion Maria Sharapova presented a prototype dress to reporters that is designed to light up when the wearer's mobile telephone rings.

British fashion student Georgie Davies dreamed up the knee-length short-sleeved white dress as part of a school project with mobile phone-maker Sony Ericsson to figure out ways of incorporating new technology into fashion.

Davies said the dress is designed to eventually be connected to the wearer's phone by Bluetooth wireless technology, so she can be alerted to a call even in noisiest of places.

"When you're in a pub or a bar, you can never, ever hear your phone," 20-year-old Davies told Reuters on Wednesday.

One shoulder of the dress down to the hip is embellished with translucent white scales that move and light up.

Sharapova showed off the dress to a gaggle of photographers and a crowd of passers-by from the window of a luxury department store in central London.

(Reporting by Catherine Bosley; Editing by Paul Casciato)

That's what I love about Reuters, they're always reporting the hard hitting news. It took them two days to catch up on the Iranian riots, and when they did they framed the issue to make it sound as if a few disgruntled Mousavi supporters were rioting after a fair election, but a tennis player wears a douchey dress, and they're right there.

Sharapova behind bullet proof glass, for obvious reasons...


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    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 8 years ago from Madrid

      Ouch, I'm right with you on the obnoxiousness factor! I feel like hitting Davies upside the head with his cell phone. Or mine. Guess they'll be posting this dress to illustrate "tacky" in the dictionary.