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Gem Jewellery in Sri Lanka and how to get them cheap

Updated on January 9, 2011
Sri Lankan gem jewellery fit for royalty ( Prince Edward Kate Middletion engagement ring )
Sri Lankan gem jewellery fit for royalty ( Prince Edward Kate Middletion engagement ring )

Sri Lankan gem jewelry, renowned for class,style and quality

Gem jewellery is one of the most sought after items in Sri Lanka, especially among the tourists. From ancient time, when Sri Lanka was ruled by the kings, people from all over the world came to Sri Lanka to buy gemstones and now they are coming to buy gem jewelry as well. Although Sri Lankan gems and gem jewellery were admired for a long time what really made Sri Lankan gem jewellery popular is the engagement ring Prince Edward gave to Kate Middleton. It was a beautiful ring crafted using Sri Lankan gemstone and brought much fame to Sri Lanka. Now most tourists coming to Sri Lanka try to buy some sort of gem jewelry, especially because of the very low price they can get in Sri Lanka,compared to a country like US or UK. According to most tourists I meet the prices difference can be up to ten times in some countries and definitely more than twice the price you get in Sri Lanka. In this article you will learn about gem jewelry in Sri Lanka, see pictures of gem jewellery, how to get them done cheaper and custom made to suit your style and also learn how to avoid crooked salesman selling imitation jewelry.

Best places to buy gem jewelry in Sri Lanka

Because of the huge demand for gem jewelry and gemstones there are many crooked salesman who are looking to cheat tourists. So it is always advisable to buy from a reputed place, although the cost is a bit higher than roadside shops. Sri Lanka gem and jewelery exchange in world trade center is one of the best places to visit if you are looking to buy gem jewelry or any other type of jewelery for that matter. There are lots of shops there so you can shop around for the one that best suits you.

Another option is to visit reputed jewelery stores near the Colombo area. In most of these reputed places you can buy jewelery for duty free prices, provided you have a valid passport. The selection is somewhat limited compared to the gem and jewelery exchange but you might get them for a much cheaper price.

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Buying custom made gem jewelery

A very cheap way to get gem jewelery in Sri Lanka is to buy them in a roadside shop or get them custom made if you are staying a while. In most gemstone shops in Sri Lanka you can pick a stone and get it embedded to a jewelry of your choice. This is a great way to get jewelery as exactly as you want it. Depending on the shop this could be a much cheaper option as well. In the Colombo area it could be a bit expensive to get something like this done. But if you are visiting Galle or Ratnapura then you have a good chance of getting this done for a bargain price.

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