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Gorgeous Shoes - Why Women Love Them?

Updated on June 22, 2011

Women love gorgeous shoes because they are beautiful and sexy, such shoes tend to bring empowerment to females making them feel self assured and confident, as well as their sexuality and playfulness are enhanced. Nothing makes this plainer than seeing the image of Imelda Marcos; the icon of shoes, surrounded by her copious amount of shoes. The last I heard her collection stood at 6,000 pairs of shoes.

Wearing a gorgeous pair of shoes, be it a designer brand or not, a woman will be confident that she look not just great but “HOT” and with that in mind she will definitely bring on the attitude to match.

Variety of shoes

Shoes come in a variety of shape, design and color which is why they are loved so much by women, shoes are like a great piece of art that people love to look at and admire. Just like an art connoisseur that collects great and rear painting, so does a woman collect beautiful and exquisite shoes, you can also refer to her as a shoe connoisseur. Many women love shoes and that’s a fact, there is no getting around that, you’ll find that they have a closet full of shoes and they spend good money on all of them.

Women love variety in their wardrobe and footwear, after all variety is the spice of life as they say, right! A woman does not want to wear the same shoes all the time, they have to change because different outfits require a specific type of shoes in order to compliment it properly. Shoes not only have to match and compliment the outfits they also have to fit a woman’s lifestyle, wearing the wrong type of shoe at the wrong time or place is a fashion faux pas.

Women love shoes not only for their style but also for the array of color they come in, colors add to their mood also. Ever look at a woman wearing a great sexy pair of red shoes how they wear it with added attitude, and by this you know that they got it going on.

Shopping for shoes

Women go crazy over shoes so as you can imagine shoe shopping is an experience all by it’s self, that’s why most men do not want to go shopping with females. Being loosed in a shoe store is like an adventure, women take their time scouting out all the shoes on display trying to get a sense of belonging. Women have to bond with their shoes so they will spend extra time handling each shoe they admire, this evokes their senses of sight, touch, feel, and yes even the sense of smell before making their final decision to purchase.

Women enjoy the shopping experience because it’s exhilarating and they enjoy the thrill of the chase and the conquest of the fine.

While admiring the various shoes they are steadily awaiting to discover the ultimate cute and sexy shoe for themselves, so if that shoe does not jump out and grab their attention and arouse some form of pleasure or excitement in them they will pass it by. The shoe they ultimately purchase will have to be able to communicate with that woman’s emotions, and if that shoe does not speak to their soul or they're not feeling that shoe they will not take it, and they will continue the hunt until they find that perfect pair of shoe.

Many women are budget conscious so they know where to go for great deals on shoes because they have done their homework by checking for various discount on shoes via the internet, and watching for sale in their favorite shoe stores. Women are great bargain hunters so getting a great buy on a great pair of shoes especially heels; well that’s the cats meow for them. There are many discount shoe shoes such as DSW or Shoe 6PM.COM which are a shoe shopper paradise because they offer a variety of large discount on popular name brand designer shoes.

Why do women buy so many shoes?

I think there are hosts of reason for this, of which these are a few; a great pair of shoes makes a fashion statement and women is all about fashion. Shoes as I stated before makes a woman feel sexy, they are an attitude adjuster and a mood enhancer, because when a woman wears a great pair of shoes it speaks to her and her attitude changes as well as her personality comes alive.

Women of all ages want to look their best and make a statement that they are fashion savvy. They love a nice sexy pair of shoes and they know how to wear them to suit their personalities, outfits, and occasions. Many women have several pairs of shoes to fit every occasion but still they keep buying more because styles changes, and there are always new design coming out every day so they must keep up with the trend in order to always have a bomb of a shoe to rightly accentuate their outfits.

Do you know that you can bring alive an old outfit just by wearing a cute and sexy shoes?  When people see you coming they look at your face first then they quickly scan your attire and their eyes continue to gravitate down towards your feet, and if that shoe is slamming their eyes will rest there for a while taking in and admiring that sexy shoe.

Women buy shoes to compliment their outfits and to feel and look good, shoes makes a woman feels good it’s like an aphrodisiac, it arouse and intensify pleasure. Women have an emotional relationship of sort with each pair of shoes they buy and wear, It is for this reason you see woman going shopping a lot especially when they feel depress, lonely, and unsatisfied. Shopping for shoes  satisfy a longing or desire within a woman, it is also said to be very therapeutic because it brings comfort and joy to a woman when she treats herself to something special.

High Heel Shoes

The most popular shoe to make a woman feel sexy and attractive as well as attract attention is high heels. When a woman put on a great pair of heels I believe it impact their attitude and boost there self confidence in how they look, feel, and act. High heel adds height therefore she will be taller in status and her body will be redefine, because of the adjustment to height and curves of the heels. This increase in height helps make a woman stand more erect therefore adding to her self confidence. Heels also let your legs look taller, leaner, and it showcase your calf muscles as well.

When you put on a pair of sexy, cute, and stylish shoes you are very sure of your self, and it shows that you are a person who takes great pride in looking your best. Heels allow you to step up your game to another level, because the intent is to be notice and be noticed by the right person. Attitude is every thing when you are wearing heels, you tend to portray your self in a different light because you feel the way you know you look, which is beautiful.

Stilettos are a type of spike heels that is synonymous with sexy. You have to be very confident to wear a pair of stilettos because they are very provocative, and the heel is very high and skinny; they are very much a conversational piece. Women wearing these heels feel very attractive and powerful and they exude sex appeal therefore they become very attractive to the male spices, and sometimes envied by other women.

Women tend to have an air of sophistication and attitude when they walk in those babies because not every woman can pull off wearing a great pair of stilettos, but when the right woman puts them on they can’t help but to feel sensuous, after all, that’s the intended goal of a sexy pair of shoes, isn’t it?

Women have a great infatuation with shoes and this makes the hunt for that special shoe even more intense and finding it makes for happiness and contentment. Although wearing high heels all the time are said to be bad for your feet because it puts a lot of pressure on the front of your feet, most women will suffer through the discomfort and pain in order to be cute and sexy.

I absolutely love a nice pair of shoes, I never thought I would see the day that I would have so many shoes, but I do. There will never be a shortage of shoes because you can find them in any size, color, and design. Whatever is your comfort of heel, be it flats, mid-heel, or high heels as long as it is sexy and attractive you cannot fail, you will indeed flatter that particular outfit you pair it with.

If you like this hub, please vote it up and leave a comment, I look forward to hearing from you.


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    • jagandelight profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Florida

      thank you shoeclub and kygirl189 for your comments, I really appreciate you stopping by.

      Shoes are a girl's best friend in addition to diamonds. I have so many shoes, I don't have the space for them all. Shoes is to be enjoyed, they tend to dictate your mood.

    • kygirl89 profile image


      6 years ago from West Virginia

      I love shoes! I only wish I owned more. I loved the black and red ones you posted.

    • shoeclub profile image


      6 years ago from New York City

      Great hub! I'll have to send this to anyone who asks me why I love so many shoes! :)

    • jagandelight profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida

      heart4theword, thanks for stopping in.

      I agree shoes does make the outfit indeed. I am glad you liked the hub, thanks again.

    • heart4theword profile image


      7 years ago from hub

      Yes, shoes do make a fashion statement! You can have on the most gorgeous outfit...but it you put on the wrong shoes? Well the shoes make the outfit, and like the video says, does give women more confidence:) Fun hub, have to say I like the 2nd pair of shoes, pictured:)

    • jagandelight profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida


      thanks for stopping by, I am glad you like the shoes, I do too.

    • Claudin_Dayo profile image


      7 years ago from Southeast Asia

      In my humble opinion, most women around the globe are totally in love with their shoes aside from their jewelries and spouses =)

      I prefer to wear shoes, sandals and flats having straps- it makes me feel secured lol

      this hub oh I simply love the shoes hahah

    • jagandelight profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida

      Honorablewoman, thanks for stopping by.

      I hear you, LOL. Do you have a lot of shoes?

    • Honorablewoman profile image


      7 years ago from Georgia

      Love this Hub, From one shoe lover to another!

    • jagandelight profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida

      jdove-miller, thank you very much for your comments. I am a bare-feet, sandals, and low heels gal myself, but high heels are very sexy and attractive.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm not a shoe-lover myself; I'd just as soon wear bedroom shoes all the time... or something else comfortable that I can just slide me feet into. But the ones you pictured here were really gorgeous.


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