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Get Kate Middleton's Engagement Clothes

Updated on December 13, 2010

The official engagement photos of Kate Middleton and Prince William were recently released, sparking a new round of Kate Middleton fever directed at one important question – just what was she wearing? Where can I get it? If I wear her clothes, do I gain a piece of her soul, or at least little bit of princessy glamor? Well dear readers, the answer to all those questions might surprise and inspire you.

Kate Middleton didn't go shopping especially for her engagement photos, no, she wore clothes she already had banging about in her wardrobe. What sensible frugality for these hard times. You'll be able to get her look in the New Year, when the outlets that made her clothes in the first place re-release them to capitalize on the Kate fever which is sweeping the world. Apart from the parts of the world where they don't know who she is.

So, what was Kate wearing? The cream blouse was a two year old piece from Whistles. It will be available with an eminently reasonable 95 pound price tag next year. Her dress was 'Nanette' from Reiss, who will also be re-releasing the Nanette in the new year. If you really want the look before then (and before every Thomasina, Richardette and Harriet get their hands on the look themselves,) you might have some luck on the online auction sites, where people who happen to have inadvertently been gifted with the same fashion sense as Kate in the past are now cleaning up selling their own two year old wardrobes. It's the common sense gift that just keeps giving!

As a blogger, I am of course bound to heap scorn upon this sort of 'buying clothes just because someone who now happens to be marrying a prince once bought them' thing, but if Kate's fashion sense inspires women to buy reasonably priced classic pieces that stand the test of time to the extent that they can be pulled out of the closet to be engaged to a Prince in two years after purchase, then I'm all for it.

Diana was known as the 'People's Princess', perhaps Kate will be the 'sensible princess' a beacon for sensible decision making and relative financial frugality. I'm already a fan. I'll be a double fan if she manages to swing fashion trends away from the outrageous and eye shattering and towards the classic and charming. Monocles for all, I say!


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