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Remove Nasty Back Hair Pain-Free

Updated on July 10, 2012

If you've read my articles on how sexy chest hair is, or how to go about trimming it, you know I'm not prejudiced when it comes to men with chest hair. Back hair, however, is another matter entirely. Granted, some women don't mind it, and some may even prefer it -- but most of us wrinkle our noses at the sight of back fuzz. I wish I could give you a definitive reason explaining why this is, but I can't. Alls I know is it's a major turn-off for many women, and if you've got a jungle of fur covering your back, it's probably time a bit of manscaping.

There are numerous methods available for back hair removal. Most of them suck royally, for one reason or another. Believe me, I know -- I'm female, remember? We start torturing ourselves at the onset of puberty, so take my word for it when I tell you some methods are better off avoided. Nevertheless, you do have options. More than I'm bothering to list here, but since I think the others suck, I'm not going to include them. If you want to Google them, be my guest, but I think you'll be plenty satisfied with one of the methods listed here.

Option One: Shave It

ManGroomer DIY Electric Back Shaver

Now, you have to admit, this thing is pretty nifty looking. I was stunned the first time I saw it -- why did it take so long to invent something so common-sensical? This is an electric shaver, which the manufacturer claims will decrease your chances of having ingrown hairs. They also say you can easily reach every part of your back from various angles, so this ought to be pretty easy for most of you to use. I gotta say, if I were a man, this would be in my medicine cabinet.

Cost: $40

The Razorba Back Shaver

This is not an electric razor -- this is to be used with a proper blade, so make sure that's something you want to use before purchasing this. There are at least 3 variations of the Razorba Back Shaver. The first one (blue) was created several years ago. What you see there is not the razor itself -- it the holder for your own razor. You stick your razor's handle in the holder and then make like the guy in that photo sitting right. Apparently, the blue one worked well enough, but didn't support all the razors you men seem to love. This one, created in 2008, appears to work with more, including the Gillette M3Power.

Cost: $30-$70 depending on the model

Nad's No-Heat Hair Removal Gel

This product is probably safer, and less painful, than traditional waxing, but let's be clear -- it's going to hurt, no matter how much of a tough guy you are. And if it doesn't, you're a God. The reviews on this seem to be mixed, but if you do decide to try it, TEST IT on the inside of your arm first, to ensure you won't have any kind of reaction. If you're good to go, enlist a partner, cos, even if you *are* a God, you're going to have trouble getting into every nook and cranny by yourself. Do not worry about asking your woman for help -- if you've got lots of man-fur, I can almost guarantee she will be plenty happy to assist you in removing it.

Cost: $19

Other Options:

  • Depilatories: There are numerous products out there that claim to magically remove hair via a painless cream, gel, or some other type of substance. As a female, I can tell you these don't always work, and they don't always feel nice. In fact, you can do serious damage to your skin if they're not used properly. Therefore, I ain't listing any of them here.

  • Laser Removal: Laser usually requires more than one session, but it's not bad as far as pain goes. Well, from what I'm told -- I've never lost my mind, so I've yet to waste loads of cash on something I don't need. Nor do you, for that matter. Unless you're related to the Wolf Boy, in which case you might find it worth it. But please don't think back hair removal is that important, otherwise -- you don't have to be smooth like a baby's bottom, we just want to be able to touch your back without getting our fingers tangled in man hair.

  • Electrolysis: If you're a Drag Queen starlet, this might be worth the pain, cost and time. Can't imagine it being worthwhile otherwise.


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