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Get The Most Out of Your Shower

Updated on August 29, 2013

What you need:

- Lotion, preferably one with aloe or shea butter

- Cream based body wash

- Moisturizing facial scrub

- Exfoliating body cloth

- Shampoo with minimal sulfites - if any

- Conditioner

- Body Oil

- Shower Cap ( don't worry, we're not using it for what your grandmother uses it for.. )

Your Issue

You've bought expensive creams, powders, lotions, soaps, shampoo - well, you understand me, the list goes on. No matter how much money you dump into your daily routine you're still plagued with dry skin, a lack of time and energy, and dry frizzy hair. You need a simple and cheap solution to your beauty troubles - and it can be as easy as changing up your shower routine!

Before You Even Turn On The Water!

Your best shower begins before you even step foot in it.

Begin by brushing your hair out and ensuring that there are no tangles. It's best to brush your hair when it's dry so that you minimize breakage and have sleek tresses before soaping and conditioning up with assist you with getting every strand covered.

Grab your lotion! That's right girls, we're slathering it on before the shower. Slick a decent layer of lotion onto your skin. Rub it in until you just barely see the color of the lotion on your skin. The warm water will cause your pore to open up and suck that lotion in. You'll get the most out of your lotion - no matter the price.

Hair Washing Tips:

- Don't scrunch and twist and tangle your hair while you scrub. Keep the shampoo localized to your scalp and let the rinsing of the water finish the job.

- Scrub your scalp - but don't scratch. You don't need those noticable white flakes popping up when you wear your new little black dress, do you?

Here Comes the Wet and Wild Part:

Turn your shower on - yes, we're finally ready to begin. Turn the temperature to luke-warm ( as luke-warm as you can stand it ). Showers that are too hot are incredibly drying for you skin.

Step in! Careful - we're not ready to let the lotion run off yet. Bend backwards ( or forwards, this is your shower after all ) and wash your hair. Don't worry if your body gets wet, the lotion will hold well on it's own. You just don't want to jump in and wash it all off immediately. See that? you're saving time! While allowing the lotion to moisturize you, you get your hair washed, and va-va-voom clean hair and moisturized skin.

Time for the conditioner! Slather on your conditioner, making sure you start at your ends and work your way up. The top of you head really doesn't need much conditioner to benefit as it's already being lavishly cared for by your own natural oils. Your tips are what's thirsty.

Oh - you were going to rinse the conditioner out next? Don't. Here comes your trusty shower cap. Gather your hair into the shower cap and allow the conditioner to work it's magic.

Now we're ready to wash! While the shower cap keeps your conditioner from being rinsed by the shower - and in turn allows you to not dance the tango with your shower head - you can safely rinse off the lotion.

Take your exfoliating wash cloth and creamy body wash. Cream based body washes are less drying than the clear ones. Scrub lightly - you don't want to take off your entire epidermis.

Shaving - Exfoliating before shaving sloughs off dead skin cells and prevents razor burn. Don't forget to also exfoliate the areas you did shave after as well!

Wash your face - don't worry - you can do this, you have a shower cap on!

Take off your shower cap and rinse out your hair. By this time, your hair should have been saturated in the conditioner for the recommended 3-5 minutes and ready to come out. Rinse your hair gently and remember - don't scrunch it!

After Your Shower:

Immediately after coming out of the shower pat your hair and body dry. You'll want to avoid rubbing the towel on your skin and messing up all the hard work you did with your hair by tangling it around in the towel.

Put on a layer of body oil. The body oil will allow your skin to maintain the moisture you just inundated it with.

Enjoy your silky smooth skin and hair!


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