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Get ready for Resort Season with Miraclesuit swimwear

Updated on November 10, 2016

Women: you may be getting panicked at the thought of exposing yourself pool or ocean side this resort season. After a couple of months without sunbathing, eating heartier and richer foods, not getting the active outdoor exercise that's so much easier during the summer. Still, some of us will have opportunities to wear a swimsuit with winter cruises, office conferences in the Sun Belt or even special getaways. After all, this is when many destinations have "off-season" discounts. How to get your swim on this season and still feel cute -- even if you're not reed-thin? Now there's Miraclesuit to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Miraclesuit and its sister brand, Magicsuit, have compression from the waist through the rear. The Miraclesuit line seems to have more compression -- along with a classic look. Unlike old-fashioned shaping suits, neither Miraclesuit nor Magicsuit use thick linings or girdles. Instead, Miraclesuit utilizes "Miratex", a fabric that has three times as much Xtra Life Lyra as typical swimwear. Their motto is, "Look 10 lbs. lighter in 10 seconds". Well, who couldn't use a little bit of that? Magicsuit gives a modern, sleeker look to your figure while remaining comfortable to wear.

Something that both lines stand out with, is their extension into plus sizes and also, larger bra sizes. Several of the styles have the badly-needed quality for some of us: underwire support. There are styles available for DD bra sizes, so you can dive into water without fear of "the girls" popping out.

Miraclesuit has a wide range of cuts for camouflaging several different types of figure flaws. After all, not even plus size gals come in one shape! The line has suits that highlight a range of different assets. Some styles play up a gorgeous decolletage or long legs. Others have shirring, cowl necks or swirly skirting. In case you thought skirted suits are just for ladies "of a certain age," these days, you're wrong! Skirted suits and their bit of extra modesty will give you confidence in business or tricky social situations. You certainly won't be the subject of any embarrassing photos!

Magicsuits have the very modern shapes that are popular now, like tankinis. Those are great for non-standard figure ladies, as you can get different sized tops and bottoms, as well as select from a variety of waist heights.

With both lines, you'll feel your best while flaunting what you've got.


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