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Get rid of cellulite at home with Instrumental Beauty Cellulite Massager (product review)

Updated on July 17, 2016

We're well into swimsuit season, yet some of us are still reticent to expose ourselves at the pool or beach. Dimply cellulite is so unattractive and adds an additionally unwanted aging effect. It's too hot out for pareos, heavy coverups, towels around the waist!

But it's been medically proven that cellulite is very, very difficult to get rid of. "Medispa" centers claim they can do something about it, for many thousands of dollars and lots of time-consuming treatments. Exercise and diet can help a bit. But even marathoners and models can be subject to that "cottage cheese look"! And, depending on what you ate and drank for your last meal -- salted food, soda pop -- and water retention, you can look even worse than usual.

But with the right product and dedicated work on your part, you can improve the appearance of those lumps and bumps! Instrumental Beauty -- self-care products available at mass merchandisers across the country, including many that are open 24/7 -- is here to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience their Cellulite Massager kit.

Right in the instructions, they point out that this is not a one and done type of treatment. You have to keep at it regularly. This electrical device creates firm kneading movements that you wouldn't be able to do on your own. Breaking up stored fat or retained water, plus boosting circulation, plumps up the areas of your thighs, derriere, abdomen. Your firmer, fuller-looking muscles fill out and help disguise the lacy contours of cellulite. The device has two speeds, but you may want to start with the slower speed to get started. The gears work from different directions, effectively. The only thing I would have to note is that the device uses an electrical cord, rather than being something that can get charged. That means you will have to do your treatment near to an electrical outlet.

The kit contains a massage cream, as well. This is a necessary part of the routine, because it helps the the machine glide over the skin without damaging it. The cream, which is more of a gel consistency, contains chlorella algae. Sea products, with their sodium and other natural minerals, also help plump skin. So, the cream also assists in improving your look symbiotically.

If you use the kit every other day for a few minutes at a time, keeping up your routine for a few weeks, you'll notice a marked improvement. Some people balk at that commitment, but for a tiny fraction of what you'd spend at a spa or medispa, you'll have anti-cellulite equipment at your fingertips indefinitely! Refills of the cream -- as well as the whole kits -- are also available for purchase online.

5 stars for Instrumental Beauty Cellulite Massager


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