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Get silky skin from healthy ingredients: a review of ZSS Nutri-serum

Updated on October 2, 2016

Usually, when one thinks of a skincare brand that focuses on naturally derived ingredients, there tends to be something . . . lacking. They tend to sacrifice something in the way of texture, application and efficacy. Similarly, many serums don't have a proper consistency for applying makeup on top: they're too thick, gummy or greasy.

A new "insider's" brand -- those beauties in the know -- ZSS (Zea Skin Solutions) has created an industry game-changer. Nutri-serum is unlike any other serum you've ever tried! It's a water-weight product that belies its powerful results. It pumps out of an opaque cylinder to keep the components active over time. The packaging allows for taking the product in 3-1-1 TSA approved carry-ons. As for the product itself, the fluid sinks into your skin instantly -- drying almost on contact. Your complexion will be soft and smooth right away! No "hope in a bottle" type promises to work over a period of time; you'll get results now . . . but the company has studies that results are more noticeable in 2-4 weeks. It's recommended that you use a pea sized amount to cover your face and decollete.

This serum has such natural skin-loving ingredients as Vitamins C and E, as well as ferulic acid (an iron derivative). Another nutritious component is Zeaxanthin, a carotenoid (complexion saver Vitamin A derivative) with tremendous antioxidant capabilities found in leafy green veggies, eggs, corn and paprika peppers. ZSS co-founder Dr. Dennis Gierhart, Ph.D. is a biochemist and food scientist; his work with eye doctors and another product line led him to discover the skin benefits of Zeaxanthin. The eye patients loved their gorgeous complexions! There are also peptides and algae extracts in this product.

There are several other points of difference with ZSS. Physicians and natural skin care experts help oversea the brand. The ingredients activate cell renewal and contribute to firmness. Their products aren't tested on animals. Their website has tons of recipes for complexion improving smoothies, beauty waters, etc., to contribute to healthy skin.

5 stars for ZSS Nutri-serum


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