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Get that chic European look with Ellis Faas cosmetics

Updated on February 19, 2016

The cosmetics

If you're looking for an on-trend, glamorous, chic and exclusive gift for the makeup maven, artist or fashionista in your life, Ellis Faas the cosmetics line is sure to please.

Ellis Faas -- the line -- brings out the artist in you! Each color comes in three consistencies: Glazed (super sheer), Milky (semi sheer) and Creamy (opaque). The products are packaged in elongated metal bullet pens, each with an enclosed brush. You prime the brush by twisting repeatedly, until color comes onto the tip. You get a non cakey, rich color and tool all in one! Don't worry about powders crumbling, liquids leaking, glass containers shattering.

For February, 2016, they have a special collection that includes Milky Lips L204 Burnt Orange, Creamy Eyes E113 Navy Blue and Creamy Eyes E105 Deep Warm Taupe. Though some of the colors differ, you can get ideas for placement on your face on their website with "Look #6". The color names are spot on. With the mix of cool blue and warm taupe, this set is perfect for all skin tones -- you just emphasize with the most flattering of the two for you.

With no pearl, shimmer, glitter or gloss, the colors are also appropriate for all ages and occasions, such as work or dressy. The lip color is sheer enough to let some of your natural lip tone show, so the range that the burnt orange will work for is slightly expanded, though some skin tones may wish to use another color or layer another color on top.

The application of these colors with their enclosed brushes and established (labeled) textures is virtually foolproof. For the eye colors, just dab a little of the tint on your lid with the brush -- like a drop -- and lightly blend in with your fingertip. Many makeup artists, when blending, don't use the pad on their fingers (the fleshy part), but rather, the part just past it. Violinists will understand this part to be the "wide vibrato" part of their digits. Why this technique? It's more controlled and delicate, for the easily aged eye area!

The color trio is encased in a cute cardboard box festooned with one of Faas' iconic photos.

About Ellis Faas

Ellis Faas isn't just the name of a company: she's also a fascinating real-life person! Faas is an Amsterdam-based artist and photographer, with frequent art exhibits in prestigious museums across Europe.

Since she often used herself as an model in her early photos, she had to do her own makeup. To delve more into the cosmetics genre that quickly grabbed hold of her interest, Faas took makeup classes both in Amsterdam and Paris. Soon, she became what Paris Vogue termed, "One of the most influential make-up artists of her time".

After creating the makeup looks at many couture fashion shows, magazine covers, etc., Faas was then invited to create a cosmetics line for L'Oreal's upscale Biotherm brand.

After that contract ended, Faas created her own very unique makeup line. Her products are more like artists' materials than traditional cosmetics seen in department stores. I was happy to be hosted to experience them!


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