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Get with the K-beauty trend: Beauteque Mask Maven subscription

Updated on April 11, 2016

An example of a Beauteque Mask Maven monthly bag

What are Beauteque Mask Maven products like?

What are the masks like? The bag that I tried that month were "sheet masks," which is a classic example of a K-beauty product. Fairly new to the US and usually only seen in outrageously expensive brands, these sheet masks are made of cotton, special paper or silicone-like face cut outs that are impregnated with a fluid lotion or serum.

There are holes for your nostrils, lips and eyes, so breathing and doing some light activities while you wear the masks -- generally about 15 to 20 minutes -- is no problem.

Because they're individually packaged and contain minimal fluid, they don't necessarily count against your 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag/TSA requirements if you're boarding a plane.

Donkey milk - I was eager to try the donkey milk mask first! Sure, I get it . . . some people may think that's the weirdest, most repulsive cosmetics ingredient ever. However, keep in mind that Cleopatra used it for her beauty rituals. The sheet mask was attached to cardboard, so it didn't fall apart. It had a light floral scent and was fairly wet. My skin experienced rosiness after using it, which I attribute to the lactic acid in donkey milk. It left my face well hydrated without being greasy at all.

Strawberry - This fruit mask doesn't sting, like so many (especially with a high Vitamin C content) do. It's cooling, refreshing. It's labeled as being for pores and "trouble".

Camellia - The camellia flower is revered in Asian and other cultures, for its waxy beauty. It's a part of the tea plant family. This mask had glycerin and hyaluronic acid, both ingredients known to pull moisture from the air and into the complexion.

Bubble soda - This mask is unusual, in that it's black and cut into a reverse T-zone shape. It begins to oxidize and bubbles! This is a great detox mask and tingles.

Marine mud and seaweed - most mud masks are a pain and messy! A sheet mask is a great improvement. This one is a black sheet with colorless fluid. This is very soothing. Marine materials are generally found in the most expensive of cosmetics.

Otter mask - No, there are no otter parts in here! It's a sheet mask printed to look like a little otter's face. This would be the cutest thing to bring out for dorms, slumber parties, girls' get-togethers, etc. It's moisturizing without being greasy.

After you remove all the masks, you're instructed not to remove the residue, but rather, to rub the good stuff in.

Mask Maven: Beauteque's K-Beauty monthly subscription service to perfect your skin

If you follow beauty developments, you've no doubt read about "K-beauty" -- Korean beauty products and routines -- in all of the latest fashion and makeup magazines or seen vloggers rhapsodize about them on YouTube. But it wasn't always easy to be on-trend for several reasons:

  • Depending on the part of the country in which you live, it may not be a simple task to buy exotic beauty products.
  • Even if you can find a store that sells Korean facial masks, there may be a language barrier between you and the sales staff, making it hard to find the correct product for your skin.
  • Many products may not have instructions or ingredients in English.

Now, even if you live in the tiniest town, you can get facial masks to keep your skin perfect with the monthly Mask Maven subscription service by Beauteque! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

How it works: You pick the program that works best for you, whether it's month to month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month. The price per month comes down a bit with longer commitments. There is a minimal shipping charge per bag.

Then, 9 - 11 masks come in a pretty little gauze bag, which is certainly enough to keep your complexion glowing over 30 days' time. If it seems like too many masks, understand that part of what makes "K-beauty" unique is incorporating more steps in your daily care routines: more fun, more relaxation, more treating yourself special!

Each month has a different theme to it, taking into account some of the skin care needs people typically have that time of year.


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