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Get your shine on!

Updated on November 30, 2015

Love your locks for less

When it comes to a woman maintaining her appearance it can get very expensive. All of those beautifying products on the market are so expensive because they know it is important for us women to stay beautiful. This article gives women a cheaper way to maintain healthy, shiny hair. It consists of most thing you will already have right in your home!

Have you been bleaching your hair and dying it a lot? Have you noticed that you have damaged your hair with over processing and over heating it? Or do you just feel like your hair has grown dull? Well, if so, I am about to share with you a very quick and easy hair mask you can use to help give your hair a boost and bring it back to life. You lwant locks that look healthy and full of life? Ready for your hair to shine like it hasn't before? You are in the right place to learn how to make that happen!

You will need an egg, a tablesoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of honey. If you have long hair just double the ingredients. Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl. Make sure you have a towel to wrap around you because it does tend to get a little messy. I also advice you to put on a shirt that you don't care too much about. When you have all of that done then you will start applying the mixture to your hair. Remember to start with your ends and then work your way up to the roots. When you get to the scalp massage it in. The next step is to sit and wait. Keep it on your hair for an hour. If you would like you can leave it on longer. I tend to leave it in longer just because I think it might have better results. I am sure that is all in my Once your desired time is up wash it all out. Sometimes you will need to wash your hair twice to make sure you get it all out. After you wash it out then condition your hair with a good moisturizing conditioner.

I prefer to towel dry my hair and then let it air dry the rest of the way only because i have damage to my hair so i try to stay away from heat as much as possible. However, if your hair isn't damaged and you prefer to blow dry your hair then have at it. Once your hair is all dry you will see and feel the difference.

Coconut oil is very good for the hair. It hydrates your air and it is known to help your hair grow. The egg has a lot of protein which strengthens your hair and helps with breakage. The honey is where the shine comes in. Try to make sure the ingredients are as organic as possible. Even if you have to buy some of these things it will still be cheaper in the long run. You will get many uses out of them before you have to buy more.

Now it is time for you to go and try it! Trust me, you will not regret it! It's time to take your hair to another level of beautiful! What are you waiting for? Go girl! Get your shine on!

Multiple benefits right from the kitchen!

Coconut oil has many beneficial traits for your hair. One thing it is good for is the overall health of your hair. It has been known to be used as a hair loss preventive aid. Coconut oil is also high in protein and is able to be penetrate easily into your hair shafts. It also has a cooling effect on your head. Coconut oil is also a great conditioner and holds in moisture.

Eggs have a lot of protein which helps strengthen your hair. This will make the hair stronger which in return will result in less split ends. Eggs also makes your hair smoother. Combing through smoother hair will lessen the likelihood of damage.

Now for the sweet stuff! Honey is a natural softener so in return your hair will be softer. Sense it is a softener it is also known to boost hair growth. The sugar in honey helps keep the hair moisturized. Honey also has antibacterial qualities that help keep away any bacteria and keep your head clean. Let's not forget, honey also adds shine!

A tip to take

Just a little tip to take home with you. It is not good to wash your hair everyday! Shampoo can strip away your natural oils that your hair needs. It is good to wash your hair every three days. If you can't wait that long try to at least skip every other day. Sometimes instead of washing your hair in shampoo just condition it with a good conditioner. I only wash my hair with shampoo twice a week . I only use conditioner a couple times a week and I go without washing it at least twice a week. Trust me, over shampooing your hair is very damaging to it.

Lovely Locks

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