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Getting Rid of Hyperpigmentation

Updated on June 9, 2009
Erase Hyperpigmentation
Erase Hyperpigmentation

Erase Hyperpigmentation

If you are prone to hyperpigmentation, whether with brown spots or light spots (hypopigmentation), and you want to get rid of them, this article is for you.  Hyperpigmentation is also known as "age spots" or "brown spots".  Getting rid of hyperpigmentation will give you back the complexion you had before the sun damage started to show.  The bad news is that hyperpigmenation will only get worse the older you get.  But the good news is that getting rid of hyperpigmentation at it's earliest stages will prepare you for, and probably protect you from, the worst. 

When Hyperpigmentation Shows

If you have natural red hair or are fair-skinned, hyperpigmentation will show up as freckles, and although they may look cute at 7, maybe well into your 20s, those cute lil' spots are sun damage.  So getting rid of hyperpigmentation should be something to consider early on and will be top of mind if you want to beat it.

If you are medium or dark-skinned, hyperpigmentation will show up later in life as a direct result of cumulative sun damage and any sunburns you've ever had.  So although you will not see surface damage immediately, getting rid of hyperpigmentation will eventually be something that you will have to consider.


There main thing you need to do right now to prevent furthering hyperpigmentation is to get that broad-spectrum sunscreen on - and I mean liberally - 1 teaspoonful for your face, 3 or 4 times a day if you have to. The sun is the main culprit here and there's really no point in being a good girl and investing in a great skin-care anti-aging regimen if you're just going to skip the sunscreen anyway.

Secondly, you must get a skin lightener of some sort.  If you've already caused noticeable damage to your face or hands, this step is crucial.  A well-formulated skin brightener designed to targe hyperpigmentation damage will slowly reverse the signs of age.  This is truly awesome!  I recommend SkinBright for this.

Reverse Hyperpigmentation
Reverse Hyperpigmentation

SkinBright Works

SkinBright is a premium concentrate skin lightener that will reverse hyperpigmentation. This product is so superior, it's been featured on, The New York Times, USA Today, and a lot more. Their 100% natural formula will remove the appearance of all types of skin discolorations including melasma, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and more.

By getting rid of hyperpigmentation, you your skin will emit a light healthy glow, and give you back a more radiant and even tone. With SkinBright, you should expect to see results in as little as one month.

Getting rid of hyperpigmentation is the one aging reversal that will give you back your youth that no other non-surgical treatment can. If you don't start reversing the signs of aging now, you will certainly regret it later. Reverse the aging process and get rid of unwanted hyperpigmentation.


The Solution to Hyperpigmentation
The Solution to Hyperpigmentation


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Direct me as to where l can buy skinbright in the UK PLEASE

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      My sister introduced me to this product. She had used it in the past with great success and keeps some on hand. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and already noticed a difference. Its not huge but it has not been long since I started and my sister said most people will use it for months before getting the very best results. Great stuff!


    • She-rah profile image


      10 years ago from Petersburg, IL

      I am going to certainly look into the skinbright, especially since it's all natural. I have to have high amounts of estrogen for a medical condition and hyperpigmentation has just set in all over my face. I work out in the sun daily, have lots of sun damage and scarring from acne (dark spots). My pigmentation problem is not severe considering the amount of sun exposure I get but it does bother me a great deal making me look older than I am. Need a really good natural sunscreen too. Can't use anything with chemicals so that's tricky. Thanks for recommending this product!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I have been using SkinBright for 3 months and have seen excellent results. I would recommend them to anyone with skin discoloration.


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