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Getting Rid of Your Pimples Made Easy

Updated on November 13, 2012

Most of us struggle with getting rid of pimples at some point in our lives. We generally get influenced by the attractive commercials of expensive creams or procedures that claim to provide freedom from pimples in just few days.

In reality the situation is entirely different. The effective treatment of pimples requires you to be aware of the cause of pimples and the lifestyle changes that can help getting rid of those. If you are struggling to get pimple free skin, this post will certainly help you as it explains the most effective methods for treatment of pimples.

What Causes Pimples?

Pimples usually occur when the skin pores present on your body surface gets clogged. This happens because of a number of reasons like dirt, facial cosmetics and pollution. Eating unhealthy food is also associated with increased occurrences of pimple.

Thus instead of spending money on expensive creams you should change your lifestyle and incorporate healthy eating habits. By taking food rich in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins, you will improve your immunity that will further prevent pimple outbreak.

Drink Water

Let us now discuss the methods to use for the treatment of pimples.

You should start drinking plenty of water that will help to flush out excess toxins from your body. The presence of toxin in the body is one of the chief causes of pimples.

Steps to Get Rid of Pimples

Generally, a person who wants to get rid of pimples should drink more than eight glasses of water daily.

The next tip is to use an antibacterial soap.

You can also use herbal products having antibacterial properties for this purpose.

For instance, application of garlic paste on the affected area will help you to get pimple free face in few days.

Another important precaution is that you should not try to squeeze your pimples. This is a common problem noticed in most of the people that makes thing worse by spreading the infection.

Acne Scars
Acne Scars

Squeezing Pimples Causes Scars

By breaking the pimples at an early stage you can experience serious complications on your skin too.

Scars occur only because of this habit of squeezing the pimples.

You should also avoid using any harsh chemicals or facial products with harsh chemicals so that any interaction does not occur. It is always advised to consult a dermatologist regarding the use of cosmetic products if you are having pimples.

Blue Laser Light Therapy
Blue Laser Light Therapy

Exercise and Blue Light Therapy

Proper exercise will also help you to get rid of the pimples fast as it results in increased blood flow. Better blood flow is associated with efficient transportation of nutrients throughout the body. There are various medicines and therapies also available for the treatment of pimples.

Blue light therapy makes use of a blue light foundation to remove the pimples from the face. Again pulsed light therapy eliminates pimples by reducing the oil production from sebaceous glands. Both these therapies have common side effect of flushing in the exposed area.

However the flush observed is not permanent. You can also use drugs like oxycerin and anestician in order to treat the pimples. However, you must consult a dermatologist before taking any medication. The dermatologists suggest medications or therapy after evaluating the intensity of problem and your skin sensitivity.


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