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A review of getting the 2017 full brow trend with Palladio cosmetics

Updated on January 22, 2017

Many people credit English model/actress Cara Delevigne with a single handed thrust of full brows onto the beauty scene. Rather than the "natural look" -- bushy and uncontrolled -- of the 1970s, what's in vogue now is a deliberately lush, well-defined frame for the eyes. However, every woman has different needs. You might require a wide range of products to achieve color correction, fill in hairless spots or boost thickness beyond a two dimensional optical illusion. You can get all of that with Palladio! I was happy to be able to experience it. All of my observations are my own, from years of doing my own photographic and stage makeup for newspapers, magazines, live concerts, local news and nationally syndicated television shows.

Palladio isn't just another color cosmetics brand; it incorporates natural skin soothing ingredients like green tea, Vitamin E and chamomile. They focus on a wide range of shades, as well as staying at an affordable price.

Whether you're looking to stay on trend or you're missing brows due to over-plucking, illness or injury, you'll be able to create an enviable, stylish and believable look. I'm quite demanding of brow products, having been in a fire several years ago and havingpermanently lost most of my brows. I've used everything from powders to semi-permanent tattoos to re-create my features. I need natural colors, easy application and long wear.

Not only do they offer a classic brow pencil with spooly brush attached, but there's now also Brow Definer Micro Pencil, for more precise lines and a finely sculpted look. This self-sharpening tool comes in 4 shades of hair colors, from light to dark, cool to warm. The wax has a firm consistency. There's a spooly brush on the end of this product too; definitely use it for a more natural look. Though you might think it would take off too much product (leaving stripes), the bristle strokes actually take away that dated, solid Lucille Ball/Joan Crawford look. I like to layer products for their lasting effects, but the result can't be too thick or goopy. The Micro Pencil lays down dense color without an unnatural waxy texture.

Brow Obsessed Brow Building Mousse with Fibers is an amazing new type of product. It's packaged in a tube with a good amount of "wipe", housing a wand with a mini spool. Coming in two different shades, this fluid has a manageable amount of fibers that attach to whatever baby hairs you have. This adds bulk and dimension, for a you-were-born-with-it result.

To seal it all in and give a little more color and gloss, top your masterpiece with Brow Styler Tinted Gel. It applies just like the mousse, but is a touch thinner and sheerer. It dries instantly and comes in two shades. With this application technique, I experienced a smudge proof, perspiration proof, chic and natural result.

Palladio also makes brow powder, a "brow fix" pencil and clear brow gel.

5 stars for Palladio brow products


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