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Getting to Know the Flower Tattoo

Updated on June 3, 2013

Does it seem like everyone you know has or is getting a tattoo? Tattoos are fast becoming one of the most popular forms of beauty enhancement. And why not? Tattoos have been used for centuries in cultures all over the world to adorn the human body. What’s more, the kind of tattoo you can get is only as limited as your imagination. Whatever design or imagery you can think of can be tattooed on your arm, lower back, or anywhere.

Among the most popular designs for tattoos are flower designs. Flower tattoos are naturally a very popular design among women. The reasons behind this are pretty obvious: flowers represent feminine beauty. Not only are flowers pleasing to the eye, they smell wonderful too. What’s more, flowers come in a million shapes and sizes and colors, just as women do, and all of them are beautiful. Flowers are one of the greatest gifts on earth, and flower tattoos honor this lovely gift.

The Meaning of Flower Tattoos

The great thing about tattoos is that they can not only mean something very personal to the person who wears them, they can also have meanings with roots in other parts of the culture. In the case of flowers, and the tattoos designed on the flower, each has its own meaning associated with it that is distinct from all other flowers.

Roses, for example, designate undying love. They represent passion and romance as well. A woman who has a rose tattoo placed on her shoulder or thigh is thus telling the world she is a passionate person, one with great love in her heart. The rose is also a symbol of Christ, and in some designs can designate a passion for god’s love.

On the other hand, the daisy can represent simplicity and purity. The daisy is made up of a white or yellow heart surrounded by an elegantly simple ring of petals. Although you can walk through an entire meadow of daisies, no two of these flowers will be the same, each as different and distinct as a snowflake. Therefore, a woman with the tattoo of a daisy may be telling us to look closely and see her as the distinct and wonderful individual she is, perfectly formed and beautiful in her own way.

Flower tattoos can have many different meanings.
Flower tattoos can have many different meanings.

Where to Have Your Flower Tattoo Placed

The flower tattoo is very versatile. Not only can you have any type of flower tattooed on your skin, they can be of any shape or size. For this reason, they will look good just about anywhere on the body. Where you get your flower tattoo will depend on how you want to express yourself through your tattoo and for whose eyes your tattoo is intended.

A flower tattoo on your arm, for example, can be used to express your love for some special person for all the world to see. If you are married or in a serious relationship, a rose or iris or one of the flowers of love could be placed on your shoulder. The thigh is a more romantic and intimate setting for a flower tattoo and is to be shown only to the right person. In recent years, the lower back tattoo has become especially popular. These kinds of tattoos, whether of flowers or other patterns, are very alluring. Lower back tattoos wink in and out of sight at a moment’s notice, when you bend forward a moment, when you first sit down. Scrollworks of flowers are lovely on the lower back.

How to Find Flower Tattoo Patterns

What is nice in this modern day is that galleries of tattoos and tattoo patterns are easily available for you to look through. You can go online and find a whole host of pictures of  flower tattoos that can give you ideas about what kind of flower tattoo you’d like to get yourself. Templates for tattoos are even available for download that you can print out and take to your local tattoo artist.

A great place to check out for picture galleries of flower tattoos is This site has scores of pictures taht people have taken of their flower tattoo and submitted for public viewing. Check out flower tattoos on arms, legs, the whole of the back, up and down the belly, and anywhere else you can think of. There are pictures of flower tattoos that run the gamut, from the small and subtle to the absolutely bold and wild.

Whichever flower tattoo design you decide on, make sure it is one you truly love, given that it will be with you forever. Make your tattoo as distinct to your personality as each daisy is in the field.


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