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Girls In Yoga Pants Are Taking Over

Updated on June 18, 2016
Gray Yoga Pants At The Club
Gray Yoga Pants At The Club

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Many sizes of yoga pants. Spandex is Amazing!
Many sizes of yoga pants. Spandex is Amazing!

All respect must be given to a scientist named Joseph C Shivers who in 1959 invented spandex which is the cornerstone to tight fitting yoga pants.

Have you ever said or thought,

"Hey, look at those hot girls in yoga pants" or,

" As a matter of fact, I love girls in leggings"?

I am sure that you have. Hot women in yoga pants are a blessing to all enthusiasts out there of the female figure. Of course, girls in yoga pants can and do come in all shapes and sizes but all can be appreciated on their own individual merit.

Unfortunately, sometimes one must deal with the unsightly sight of seeing girls in yoga pants that have really no business going out in public in these glorious inventions.

Yoga pants should be a privilege and not a right. Hopefully the upcoming Senate bill will pass which will regulate who can wear yoga pants.

Hottest Yoga Pants!


A truly voluptuous girl in yoga pants might not be as attractive to some, as compared to a slender girl with leggings. It is best to appreciate most of the forms of the female physical frame. Some keen observers of this great sexy yoga pants trend will prefer the visuals based on the many various colors that these pants come in.

It seems like white pants are the favorite among connoisseur of girls in yoga pants. Pink yoga pants are also a color that is hard to screw up, and of course is one of the true staple colors of leggings. Black yoga pants, aka old faithful will always be enjoyed by onlookers.

Regardless of the color or design that's chosen, all shades should have a place in the spectrum of appreciation.

What is your favorite color of yoga pants? Please take the poll located up top if you haven't already, so that this quandary can be scientifically put into perspective plus you will be doing the world a huge favor in letting your opinion be counted.

Check for the follow up to this hub coming soon about why girls prefer yoga pants over their tight fitting jeans as a way to show off their butt.

Make sure you check out Sexy Yoga Inc for the hottest girls in the world rocking sexy yoga pants and hot leggings while in sensual yoga poses.

The community would love to see your insight on anything related to this subject in the comments section below.

Girls in Yoga Pants are truly indeed taking over. How do you feel about it?

Slender girl in black yoga pants
Slender girl in black yoga pants

© 2014 Phil The Gain


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