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Give luxe skin care infused with real gemstones for Mother's Day: Alpessence

Updated on May 6, 2016

Mother's Day will be here soon! It's the perfect time to get something extra special to help her look and feel younger! Alpessence is a Swiss line that you may not have heard of, but you should! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

There's something unique about "cult beauty brands"; perhaps because they're made in smaller batches. This allows the brand to use hard-to-obtain ingredients, creates a certain mystique about the product and forces them to stand out in a market saturated with products. If your mom is a little older, you may have to explain all this to her. Some ladies get a little stuck in a rut with cosmetic labels or only "trust" brands they've spied at their local department store. Let's face it (if that's not too terrible a pun under the circumstances): not all department stores are all that glamorous. Let mom know that Alpessence is currently available in 14 countries.

This skincare line invests in the quality of the actual product, rather than in exotic packaging, tons of marketing, etc. Every one of their products incorporates rose stem cells, a newer ingredient said to be incredible as an anti-aging medium and repair agent against toxins. It's suitable for even the most sensitive of complexions. Additionally, each of their offerings has other luxurious ingredients -- depending on the specific skin benefit -- such as diamond, malachite, pearl and caviar.

The precious parts are then mixed in with high-tech, non-animal tested ingredients that are fragrance and dye free, all sourced in Switzerland.

Many women have given up face masks at the same as 3rd grade sleepover parties, thinking they are all made of the most drying of clay. After a certain age, one may not be in want of the blemish-fighting capabilities of clay and rather, need nourishing power.

Alpessence's Moisturizing Refining Mask is a game changer! Perfectly sized for 3-1-1 carry-on travel bags/TSA requirements, it's packaged in a heavy-weight glass jar. The mask's consistency is like the richest of creams. It applies like a cream and stays moist like one, too. You leave it on for 10-15 minutes and unlike so many masks, it rinses off easily. The ingredients, including malachite, bind water to skin with "triple action". Your complexion will feel calm and comfortable, not greasy or waxy.

They suggest using it at night, using the term "overnight", but you may also want to try it as a part of your morning routine. It leaves such a soft, smooth surface, your cosmetics will lay down perfectly gorgeously. It plumps up fine lines.

You can order the whole product line through their web site.


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