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Give the holiday gift of a spa at home with Instrumental Beauty for $30

Updated on November 4, 2015

Instrumental Beauty Home Spa Treatment System

A multi-tasking beauty gift for $30

Are you trying to pick out holiday gifts for the beauty maven in your life? Of course, such people often own pricey products from high-end department stores. Additionally, you wouldn't dare pick a color product for someone other than yourself! How about considering a way for your loved one to turn their home into a spa?

There are lots of reasons why people would rather not leave their room for beauty treatments:

  • It's a hassle driving to the mall or other salon location
  • Some people are modest or prefer others not touch them
  • Salons can differ widely as to hygienic standards
  • You may be in a hotel room in a foreign city and don't want to search for a salon
  • You want to do your treatments in "off" hours or on a holiday
  • Many people prefer that their pedicures not include blades or other dangerous instruments

The thing is, up until now, it was quite challenging to get professional results at home. While you're reading a fashion magazine at the salon, you may be missing on the hard manual labor that your manicurist is using scraping off dead skin or your masseur is using to knead your body. Try to do that yourself! Not so enjoyable, is it?

Now there's Instrumental Beauty to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it. Their Home Spa Treatment System is the size of a medium-thick cookbook -- quite portable. It runs on AA batteries (the first set of which is included), so it's convenient to travel with anywhere, including overseas. You won't need any plug outlet adapters or heavy electrical converters. Additionally, a non-liquid, not-sharp set such as this poses no TSA 3-1-1 carry-on bag issues.

It has a main plastic brush handle with ergonomic silicone handle. When turned on, the brush vibrates. You easily snap on whichever of the four included brush heads to meet your spa treatment needs:

  • A large soft brush head for the body. Use this as a gentle, regular exfoliating device as well as a pre-self tanning smoother.
  • A small soft brush head for the face. Facial brushes to increase penetration of cleansers are all the rage. It will also help get rid of dry, dull build-up. You can also use this brush on delicate neck skin.
  • The pumice head, that really helps with getting rid of calluses -- especially on the feet. You really will be able to skip the blades in smoothing your soles.

All of these benefits and the whole kit is available at mass merchandisers for $30!


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