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Give the gift of gorgeous hair for the holidays with Tara Smith products

Updated on December 8, 2015

Tara Smith hair care products

Tara Smith: a premium vegan hair care line

Who and what is Tara Smith? Why does it make a great holiday present?

These days, people are more conscious and conscientious about the kind of holiday gifts they give to loved ones. After all, presents say as much about the giver as the recipient! You want a gift that stands up to your high ethical standards, but of course want high quality. When you're looking at hair care, look no further than Tara Smith! I was happy to be hosted to try it.

Tara Smith may be an unfamiliar brand to many, but that's about to change, no doubt. Smith is a real person who has created an eponymous brand name. She -- the real person -- is a British hairdresser with Hollywood connections. Smith counts Demi Moore and Marisa Tomei among her celebrity clients. She's been the hair stylist on many movie sets.

Points of difference
The line is vegan, cruelty-free and includes natural, non-toxic ingredients. Also, Tara Smith recognizes that one size does not fit all; the line has different products for a wide range of hair concerns, including color-treated hair and extensions.

Each bottle is decorated with drawings of different exotic, gorgeous tropical birds. That makes for cute packaging in terms of holiday gifts!

Shine-On Shampoo is for people who color their hair frequently. It strengthens hair and adds gloss. A creamy, pearlized shampoo, it has a fresh, sweet herbal scent and lathers well.

Shine-On Conditioner is similarly targeted. Also with a fresh, sweet herbal scent, this product has a thinner, lotion consistency. It's fortified with a vegan amino acid complex and kelp extract.

One of the signature products of the line is Base Coat Serum. It incorporates starflower seed extract and "tegosoft" (a cosmetic ester that's easily spreadable) coconut. Unlike many serums, you apply it to damp -- not soaking wet -- hair. It helps detangle your hair and a further layer of shine. It has a faint version of the sweet herbal scent. Just use a pea size in your palm and emulsify it between your two hands: after all, just a dab'll do ya'!

I found that these products -- unlike many others designated for color-treated hair -- do not weigh your hair down. Your natural texture will definitely be retained! No flat hair, lanky hair, artificially straight hair. So, you definitely don't have to be afraid of using your normal styling products afterwards!


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