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Give yourself that chic, British look with Burberry beauty products

Updated on February 16, 2016

Burberry has been a highly admired label since it began as an outdoor wear company in the mid-19th century. During WWI -- a hundred years ago -- the company was commissioned to create the now-iconic trench coat. Shortly after that, Burberry came up with the beloved plaid lining pattern. However, about 10 years ago, those plaids became a little . . . ubiquitous. These days, it's more chic to celebrate your love for the brand in a more "in the know" way.

So, what's a fashion-forward way to experience it? Not everyone lives in a city where Burberry is sold. Some may be outside of the sizing boundaries. Others may not have gorgeous leather coats, etc., in their budget this spring. But it doesn't mean that so many of us across the USA aren't interested in fashion! Au contraire! We follow blogs and vlogs, read magazines, check out what people are wearing to awards shows on television more than we watch the actual awards shows! Following changes in trends helps us feel more current, younger and the very epitome of chic.

So, how can all of us get a little taste of Burberry couture? With their latest beauty collection! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

The latest, hottest collection is from the "Functionregalia" womenswear show. If you watch the event -- which is online -- you'll see very quickly that traditional spring/summer color palettes and textures have been turned on their heads. There are no candy-colored brights or pastels, the look we normally think screams "summer!" Nor are there any retro primary marina colors/Gidget at the beach colors or fabrications. Instead, the feeling Burberry envisions for the warmer weather months involves sexy sheer laces and deep, velvety, Twilight-y colors. Anybody shifting their look away from the predictable to this new paradigm is sure to be noticed for being extra sophisticated.

How does this all translate to the beauty line? Gorgeously, of course!

First, there are a number of limited edition colored powder palettes embossed in the makeup with textures of the materials from the fashion show: laces, pleats and designs. They have shimmer and pearl finishes, perfect for this season's "strobing" makeup effect. Strobing is the opposite of contouring, generally more assertive than twinkles of highlighting done in seasons past. Don't be afraid to brush on wider strokes, using lighter and brighter colors. It's meant to mimic a strobe light giving you the appearance of a movie star on set!

The Runway Blush Illuminator for the season has "Rain or Shine" colors baked in, along with a sunny cloud: adorbs! In just one convenient compact, you'll find a light, soft matte eggnog yellow, both bright pink and bright coral shimmer colors and a matte baby pink. Use a large circular brush, swirl and pick up all of the colors for a balanced, pink brightening sheen. Or, use small, precise eye shadow brushes to get at the colors individually, for very specific effects. The compact is housed in a collectible "old gold" color, with plaid etchings meant to recall the famous plaid design. A high quality mirror is inside. The whole shebang goes into a plaid embossed, velveteen pouch that has a side pocket containing a thin, angled brush.

There are some single color powder palettes, too: nude gold and white. If you have a deeper skin tone, go for the gold!

There's nothing so intrinsic to a fashion season as the nail polish color. It's been that way for decades, now! Couture houses blend a certain color that inspires countless (cheaper) imitators . . . but sharp eyes in the know can spot at a glance the gorgeous, luxurious original. Black Cherry is the hot now color. It's reminiscent of a dark blackened red that set the world on fire several years ago, but that color often came off a little too black, too muddy. Black Cherry is still deep enough to be a neutral, to work with all skin tones. The quality of the nail polish is excellent! Whether you take the polish to your regular manicurist or carefully do your own nails, you may only need a single coat. It remains glossy without daily top coat applications and really resists chipping.

Remember: these seasonal cosmetics are only available for a limited time! If you order them on their website, there's no charge for shipping.


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