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Glamorous Wolford Stockings For Men

Updated on October 16, 2009

Stockings are not lingerie essentials, they are the explicit domain of the lingerie lover. Carefully woven from the finest materials, stockings caress the wearer's leg with every step, inviting them into a world of subtle passion where senses are heightened, the line between masculine and feminine blurs and the true nature of the human beast is let out to play.

A man in a pair of glamorous stockings is a sight to behold. We all know that many men have better legs than women (no matter how long I spend on a stair master, or how many small animal sacrifices I make, the tone and definition in my legs is never going to match that of a man who has testosterone defining his smooth muscled limbs.)

Wolford hosiery is considered to be some of the best hosiery on the planet, if not in the Universe, so today I shall review a few of their high quality, absolutely glamorous stockings and pantyhose for your pleasure.

Wolford Day and Night

Day and Night, what a plain name for a stunning pair of stay ups. Say goodbye to cheap elastic that pinches your thighs and makes them look puffy, these stay up stockings from Wolford featue a gorgeous floral lacy band stay up system with silicon bands in the control top. A perfect merging of science and sexyness. The stockings themselves are a delicate honey color with a classy sheen sure to catch the eye.

Wolford Grit Tights

Stepping away from the traditional, side swiping the fishnet and going straight onto innovationville, Wolford Grit Tights are certainly something else. With a 'fine diamond ajoure pattern', these are a pair of attention getters that will keep you smiling all summer long.

Wolford Louise Stockings

I love these lace Louise Stockings. They feature a sexy seam down the back of the leg, and an extended heel designed to peek up over your shoe heel and hint at the feet below. A wide contrasting cross band makes these stockings super comfy and means that they go with almost any suspender belt you care to wear. Oh, and did I mention that they're lace stockings? Because they're lace, ultra fine gossamer lace

Wolford Aspen Stirrup Tights

I'll be honest and say that these initially reminded me of the stirrup pants that were all the rage in the late 80's. Remember them? Remember the horror? Well the horror has been revisited and tamed to a greater good in these Aspen Stirrup Tights. The stirrups hold the stocking firm, making sure that it doesn't get away on you, which is what you want in a pair of tights. They can be slippery little beggars at the best of times.


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    • profile image

      Jakkie 8 years ago

      Thanks for the examples. Next pair I buy will be Wolfords.