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How to Dye Your Hair From Blonde to Brunette Safely

Updated on May 31, 2012

The saying goes, “Blondes have more fun,” but that doesn’t mean that a blonde doesn’t want to go darker every so often. After all, brunettes are sometimes seen as more exotic, and sometimes are taken more seriously. Beyond the politics of hair, another good reason to go darker is for the autumn and winter seasons. Warmer toned hair just goes great with the warmer tones of the season. Whether you are going from a natural blonde or a dyed blonde look to a dyed brunette, you have to take the transition slowly.

Going From Natural Blonde to Brown

The best tip anyone can give you is to is to get your hair dyed by a professional. This is because even if you are a natural blonde, your hair is not likely to take on the dyed hair color well. If things don’t go well on your own, you’d have to put up with the bad dye job for a while before it’s safe to dye your hair again.

If you’re insistent on trying to dye your hair on your own, it’s best to take things slowly. As a blonde, you should know that the under layers of your hair is darker than the top because of sun exposure. Dying your hair to match that shade or a shade or two darker is a good start. This will not only help transition your hair from light to dark, but help you get used to sporting darker locks. After a few weeks, you can try an even darker shade. Browns with copper or auburn are great transition colors for blondes.

Changing From Bleach Blonde to Brown

This transition is one that needs to be taken more seriously, and most people have had more bad experiences than good. Hair stylists recommend to only try to dye your hair on your own if your hair is not overly sensitive and if you are desperate. Try using an organic hair dye to minimize any damage to your hair.

For a botched blonde look that you need to revert back to a normal shade, try a medium brown with few red undertones. The red in the dye will only react badly with whatever color your hair ended up after your first dye job.

For other dyed blonde hair, use a darker blonde shade first, then choose a light to medium brown dye with copper or auburn undertones.


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