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Good jewelry at really LOW PRICES

Updated on March 30, 2015

Many places to choose even now.

I am always on the look out for good, high quality jewelry at very reasonable prices. The cheaper the better. I have tried very many different sites and man the horror stories I could tell you. There are some really bad ones out there, but I have found some really good ones too. I have listed the top 5 sites below in the order that I would recommend. The links are provided at the end of this column.

You will find a nice list of free jewelry also. Many sites will offer a sample of their jewelry. While many of the jewelry will change from time to time, but the pieces are still worth the shipping cost.

All of these sites are worth checking out. And I am sure someone else opinion might vary from mine. But I have had some good results from these particular sites. If you are looking from something to bring in some extra money some of them have wholesaler programs that can actually make you some money. But of course don't take my word alone for it go check them out yourself.

Free Sterling Silver
Free Sterling Silver

Sunshine Jewelry


That would be Sunshine Jewelry. Everything they carry is either 10k or 14k gold. Very good quality and an excellent description on all the jewelry. They have everything you could possibly imagine for over half off the retail price. The shipping is reasonable and handling times are short.

They also have a program where you can sell their jewelry at a discounted price and make a good profit off of them. They have some really good deals on start up packages that will include everything you need to start selling high end jewelry. They will do drop shipping if you call them. You need to check them out if you love jewelry.

Three Stone Gold Ring
Three Stone Gold Ring | Source

Now who doesn't like free jewelry. Well at you can get some nice jewelry that is free. You do have to pay shipping and handling but that is only $6.99. They have a lot of nice pieces that will fit into an outfit you may decide to wear. They even have some beautiful heirloom pieces that will delight anyone for gifts.

They change their pieces quit often. So if you do not find the piece you want the first time, check back with them a few days later. Their pieces are all guaranteed and delivered on time.

Heart Locker
Heart Locker

Limoges Jewelry

This next site is a real nice place to find personalized jewelry and some really nice costume jewelry. Limoges Jewelry is a very nice place especially for personalized jewelry. That is pretty much what they specialize in. They have everything you can think of for a real personal gift. Great place for upcoming mother's day gifts. You can order a free catalog also.

Beautiful Sterling Silver Heirloom Ring
Beautiful Sterling Silver Heirloom Ring

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MMA Silver

Now if you are into sterling silver this site has the biggest collection I have ever seen. They are called MMA Silver Stars. They have a huge catalog of items that are all sterling silver or gold over silver. You can find everything in there from native African to roman glass. Anything in between you can imagine. They have a wholesaler program where you can make a little extra money while your at it too. They have some great tiger eye's and birthstone jewelry. MMA is only available to retailers right now, but it is not hard to set up a retail account and start ordering items. They do require a minimum order of $100 for your first order only. After your first order there is no minimum. They will also send you free catalogs throughout the year with specials.

Halloween Watch
Halloween Watch


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    • profile image

      alt tar 4 years ago

      check out this store they've beautiful and wholesaler too.

    • profile image

      johnlehman 4 years ago

      Jewellery is the most desired gift for women and keeping this in mind, am gonna give my wife a necklace on her birthday. But the problem is I don't know much about jewellery. This article helped me a lot really. I have checked some on and they are really beautiful.. maybe it will take a while to choose the best one. :)

    • profile image

      robert vayner 7 years ago

      Thank you for mentioning just had a facelift and added 2 new economy driven lines of jewelry for resellers , about 300 new styles..

      1.please let us know if we may offer a special discount for your readers in a form of a coupon as long as they are your member.

      2.We also offer Free sample giveaways for our supporters to run . A simple contest giveaway or what ever you like so your fans get free product during the holidays to review your recommendation with no $ involved...

      Its our way of showing appreciation and backing up your recommendation with real product samples. When you have more time, please let us know if interested...

      Again, thank you !

      Robert Vayner - Founder & CEO

      FashionPenny Inc.